Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week #94


To let you know about my week a little,

Monday: normal Monday, just verifying and getting ready for the trainings of the week!

Tuesday: we drove to Esmeraldas on the coast! We go there at like 1 PM and trained and then went to the ZL’s house to sleep.  I got to stay with elder Pinta! It was sweet!

Wednesday: We trained at 9AM and got done at about 4PM and that was cool because it gave me time to work with Elder Mazzarelli. He was the one that I was put with when he was struggling more and now he is a district leader, which makes me so happy! He is going to be a zone leader soon I think and it made me feel super good that he told me I was a huge part of helping him!  It makes me feel good to know I actually make a difference.

Thursday: We drove home from the coast and on the way home we ait in a cool place called sasha which is like in the jungle! I was talking to my president and on the way home I was thinking about how my life later will be and I was thinking that it would be soooo sweet to have a ranch for like troubled boys.  If you can actually get one running people pay a lot to send their kids to them the President said and it helps pay for the ranch, but I am not sure how you get it going yet.  I was just thinking about it haha. 

Friday: Wejust hung around the offices getting ready for the council next week and then we worked in the night and got to teach one lesion to this woman who confessed to us that she was so tired of her husband beating her that she cheated on him and I felt so bad for her knowing that she could feel so bad to go so far.  Marriage is a huge problem here and usually only happens when someone gets pregnant.  That is the only way that people actually get married here! It’s soooo freaking sad!!!

Saturday: Like I said we had to go save Gorge from the stuff he read on internet which was making him super weird because it was a bunch of anti Mormon literature! like he wouldn’t answer the phone or anything! It sucked but now it is better!!! but yeah now all is well!! I am still working hard!!

That’s my week in a nutshell! 


Hey and watch these videos! They are super cool!!