Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #89

July 26, 2014
So when I come home no it won’t be in the morning it will be at like 9 or 10 PM! I feel like I won’t be able to sleep at all I just want to talk haha.  I want to hunt because it will be hunting season when I get home haha.  I am scared of coming home a little because I have never really liked being by myself and now I am so used to having a companion! Haha
         I haven’t told you anything about my week but the truth is that it was a really boring week!!!!! Nothing exciting happened!!! I trained in Otavalo with was fun! And it was really good!! And now we have just been working here in the offices trying to catch up on things!!! And I will have a baptism next week of a guy named Gorge and yeah its going to kind of suck because I will not be here because I have to go train in the jungle!!! My first time going to the jungle here!! I’m pumped!! But the bad thing is that I will be alone with the President and that means my p-day will be all with him and I probably wont be able to write that much we will be busy!!!!!
         It was a good week though! I miss and love everyone! I hope everyone is doing good!

Love, Christian

This is the Stake Conference There.  And I found a couple pictures of Elder Burleson on other blogs, so I put them on here.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Week # 88

July 19,2014 

Sunday: ummmm we went to church and then went to eat lunch in the house of a pretty cool family and then went to work in our sector! We had a good time but didn’t teach a single leccion. Our sector is really hard!!!!! We actually got super lost also because we are both new there! I made a video of it so you can see how freaking lost I was!!!!!! But yeah that was the whole night and then we went to the house and crashed!!!!

Monday: This was not a normal Monday! We didn’t have time to do any of the verifications because we had to go to the airport to pick up two new missionaries! It was funny because they where supposed to get here at 3 in the afternoon and so we were pretty close to the airport and the president realized that he had to go somewhere and needed to just leave us on the side of the road and we had to walk like 45 min to get to the airport and we thought we were going to be late to pick them up, but when we go there we realized that their flight had been delayed until like 5 so we just decided to wait and then it said it was delayed until 7 and the same thing happened until 11:00 at night so we just had to wait and wait and wait and we did so many dumb things!!!!! The best part was eating the sushi and then making my comp eat the horse radish and a few other things that I also have videos of!!!!!!!! Anyways it was pretty fun and we got home at about 12:30 in the morning!!!! 

Tuesday: We had to train the two new missionaries that were there and we did that alllllllll day until the nighttime and then went home and slept!!!

Wednesday: We traveled to Esmeraldas! We left at about 10:00 in the morning and got on the bus and got there at about 5:30 at night. alllll day in the bus just reading and reading and playing the little videos games they have on our cell phone!!! I am a pro in the golf one!!!! So that was fun!!!! And then when we got there me and my comp divided with the zone leaders from Esmeradas and San Rafael and I went with the ones from San Rafael. Elder Kingsford and Elder Kerby!!!  It was a fun time and we where able to teach a lesson and also able to have a pretty good night drinking soda and talking about cowboy stuff!! Elder Kerby is also a cowboy so he just made me suuuuper trunky!!!! Thinking about riding and roping and just being on the ranch!!!!!! 

Thursday: We worked all day with the zone leaders!! We had our zone meeting with both zones in the afternoon and me and my comp trained!! It was funny though because when I got up to direct the meeting I couldn’t remember any Spanish because I had been speaking English for like 24 hours straight!!!! hahaha I felt sooo dumb!!!!! Then at night I went to work with them again and this time elder Miranda stayed with us so that we could be picked up by the president in the morning!!!

Friday: We left in the morning after looking at a few houses that were there in the coast. The trip back we went with the pres, his wife, his daughter, and his daughters friend. We had a good time and we actually stopped off to fish..... yep to fish!! I thought I was going to die from being soooo freaking happy!!!!! It was not a challenge at all because it was like a fishing pond where they rented you like the fishing pole and all of that stuff and you pretty much get one every time you put the rod in the water! But I still really liked it!!!!! and yeah I don’t have those pictures because my camera was dead but the president has all of them!! and then we got home and went to the offices and finished all the stuff we didn’t do on Monday!

Saturday: Well I got up at the normal time and got ready and studied and then we had a visit at 11:00 in the morning and the guy was soooo freaking prepared that he was like jumping into the baptismal water!!!! He will be baptized the 2nd of ago.!!!! I’m pumped after sooo much time without baptizing!!!! and then we went to the house and I slept for a hour and then I wrote some letters for my brothers and sisters and then I got my hair cut in a place called "the Crazy tijeras" and I didn’t realize that they were all gay and he did a really good job! hahaha but I will NEVER go back to that place again!!!!!! and now i am here writing you!!!!!

My haircut from the gay guy!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week #87

July 12, 2014
hahahaahaha sooo this week I have done a few cool things!! The first part of the week was really boring to talk about Because I have just been doing a ton of trainings and looking for houses a little more!!!! But the more cool things this week is what I did on Thursday and Friday!!!
I went on splits with the zone leaders in Imbabura because they had been having some problems and the whole zone was upset at them for only thinking about numbers. So we went to see what the heck was going on and it was good because we were able to help a lot!!!! And they asked forgiveness of their whole zone!!!  I liked it because they showed they where humble and they felt bad!!
That was the same time that one of them took me up to the volcano and it was sooo freaking cool!!! I was sooo freaking tired but it was worth it!!! That same missionary talked about how bad he felt about the type of leader he had been but how he was going to try harder and stick it out.  It was a way cool experience! We went home on a bus and they were playing this movie and we have permission to watch the movies on the buses and it started out cool and then at one point it just showed like some sex scene of the guys face and stuff so I stopped watching it and it made me remember how much I hate porn and how disgusted I am that woman are able to get that low that they can do that and not value themselves.  It is so sad!!!
Ok what else... well today I had my President take me on a birthday trip with my comp and his wife!!!! We went to Teliferiqo which is like a ski lift that takes you way up to the top of this volcano and then you can see like everything from up there!!!!!!! and we took a bunch of pictures!!!!! and then we went down and changed and went to lunch and they bought me lunch!! It was really good!! It was a crepe with like chicken and mushrooms in it!!!!!! Then we came straight here!!!!! And as far as my comp goes we are really starting to love our time together!!!!!! I feel really bad for him right now!! He just found out like last week that his mom is living in the street and they don’t know where she is!!!! And he has been pretty bummed!!!!! But I am trying to help him with just working hard so we are busy!!!!!! But it’s got to be so hard!!!!!
Yeah, those were the exciting things of the week!!! This next week I am going to the coast!!!!! I’m pumped!! I love it there!!!!!! I will take a bunch of pictures!!!!!


These are the Native People of Otavalo.  I had to hike for about 30 min up the side of a active volcano to meet this family.... 

At teliferiqo.....

A sweet Jumping Picture

Me walking up the volcano imbabura

A pic with my pres and his wife and two lamas.....

This is the same little boy from the family in Otavalo! he was soooo freaking funny because he had like these rubber boots on and his hair was sooo crazy and he had a ton of food in his hair!!!!! and then he found like this nastly comb on the grond and strated to comb his hair and then he decided that it would be cooler to comb the cat and then he went and found a chicken and then combed that to!!!! i was laughing soooo hard!!!!!

I made this Video at Teleferiqo

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week #86

July 5, 2014
I didn’t even realize this week was the 4th of July! I felt so bad when I realized it was! But we didn’t do anything other than work! I am not going to lie I am really good at not getting home sick now, but I did get a little homesick and wish I was there for the 4th! I can’t wait to have a pick up and go fishing and make fires and wear red white and blue for the whole week of the fourth after this!

Sunday: I went to church in Iñaquito for the first time and it was pretty cool!!!! All the members wanted to help!!!! There are now 8 missionaries in my ward and the mission presidents of both missions! It’s cool I guess but we also have to be really good!! There is really no like relax time for us when we do know what I am far from being perfect in anything but I guess that’s why we go crazy when we get to our house here in the mission!!! My comps are crazy!!!! For example I took the shoe of Elder Beltran and I put it in a bowl of water and put it in the freezer and then in the morning when he was looking for his shoe he found it there and was pissed and then the next day I found my shirt frozen solid in the freezer!! hahahaha I took a video of it I will send!!! It’s soooo funny!!!!! 

Monday: Well this was a pretty boring Monday!!! Just did all of the verifications and then we where in the offices until 1:30 am getting ready for the council of the mission. I was soooo tired and then we just went home and crashed!!!!!!!!

Tuesday: We had the mission council and it went really well!!! The mission council is where all the zone leaders get together and then me my Comp and the president have 6 hours to train them on what they can do better and what we want to happen in the mission!!! It’s cool to think that we have a job like that.  This time we talked about " reaching our full potential" and we talk about the changed elephant. You might of heard the story before, but if not, it talks about an elephant and how strong they are and if they are sooo strong then why don’t the ones that are tied up just escape and the idea is that when the elephant was a baby he tried to fight and break the chain but at this time he could not do it because he was not strong enough at that time and now that he is big he still has in his mind that he is to small to be able to break it!!!! I feel like it came out well and the rest of the council also went well!!!

Wednesday: Alright, wellllllllllllll this was a pretty boring day as well!!!! We were just in the offices doing like little things for the pres and then we went to work in the sector but with little success!!! It’s pretty hard to do anything there because they are all houses that are huge with tons of rich people!! I have the goal to baptize at least one more family before I go home!!!! I have plenty of time but I want at least one more!!!!!! I really do love being a missionary!!!!!!!

Thursday: I don’t remember what I did this day......At all… Wow I really can’t remember haha.

Friday: In the morning we went to look for houses for the new missionaries that are coming!! I got to go to Cumbaya and go with Elder Equtie! He is a good missionary and we had a good time looking together We found 2 houses and then I went back to the offices with elder Hess (the secretary) and worked there until about 6:30pm and then I went to the sector and worked and the people there were a little better!!! We found a guy who was loaded rich and had a huge house and a ton of cars and he came out and talked to us and it was crazy because the guy was really smart but he was really against God and he tried to explain why and then we tried to explain why yes and it sucked because nothing happened, but we just ended up leaving and nothing happened. And then in another house we met a little old lady and you know that they are always my weak spot and I talked with her and she told as that she wanted us to come back and then while we were talking to her, her daughter showed up and she also said she wanted us to come back and meet her family and yeah it was cool and then we went back in a bus that we found that drops us off pretty close to the house!!!! 

Saturday: Well that’s today and well we got up early and studied and then we went to the President’s house and he took us to go play tennis and he is really good and I suck at it!!! I think because it is because I just felt like the only man there!!!! All the other tennis player seemed sooooo gay to me!! Even the manly guys seemed gay doing it! I couldn’t take it seriously! But yeah when that ended we went and bought food and then we ate it and then came here to the office to write and now I’m still here writing!!!!!!