Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, December 30, 2013

Week #61

These are the changes that I get as the zone leader.. I was just thinking that you might like it if i show you what actually i see every 6 weeks and how our changes come. This means that my comp Elder Tenazoa leaves and this kid Elder Peacock is coming!! He is from my same group! It will be fun!!!!! I'm pumped!!!!!!!!

Wow! My internet time is already gone. I have been screwing around with all of the forms I have to send to the offices and I just finished. I guess because it's the end of the year everything has to be perfect. 
anyways tell everone that I love them and i miss them and Merry Christmas and Happy Año Nuevo. Because I won't have time to write after this! It was SO GOOD seeing everyone on Christmas! I love you guys! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week #60

Christian Skyped his family today, but he did not do emails this week, so there is nothing specific to update! He is doing really well and he looked great! He seemed so happy and so spiritual (:  It is crazy that he is so far in his mission now! Only about 10 months left!
Oh and his spanish is great! Honestly, I am pretty convinced that it is better than his English has ever been haha obviously he really was meant to be a missionary in Peru!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week #59

Hey I am going to call home later today to set up a time to skype for Christmas! I am excited! Can you send me the phone numbers! I will tell you guys how I am on the phone but I am good! Love you!

This is my zone!!!!! ZONA YARINACOCHA!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to make our goal to baptize 25 people this month! 

These are my sweet sandals that I got for 2 dollars! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Week #58


        As far as getting robbed goes, well I just got stopped so don’t worry about that! we were moving to a new house and I had put my wallet in my desk drawer and we had paid a guy to let us use his big truck and whenever I put my desk in there and I went into the house to get more stuff and I’m sure that he grabbed it there. he stole like 350 soles.... that’s like 150 dollars!!! I felt soooo freaking stupid Emily!! Here in Pucallpa it’s really dangerous!!!! I’m not going to lie its a really sad place!!! but when you will come you will get to see it!!! I love the people here though! there are some realllllly gooood people here and some really bad people!!!!!! the saddest part are the couples here!!!!! I think it’s the fault of the peruvian body. for example the women here have the best body of their lives when they are like 14 or 15. and then the guys here take advantage of the young girls and they end up pregnant and then they live together out of obligation and they never love each other! that is no joke what happens so much here!!!!!!! It’s sooo sad and it makes me soooo happy that I know I am doing things the right way so I can have a loving relationship after my mission.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week #57

        I didn’t even know it was Thanksgiving!!!!!! hahahahahahaha I forgot about it completely!!!! I’m kind of bummed!!!!! The next Thanksgiving we will be TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! I baptized this week too!!!! two people!! a family!!! Miller and Gina!! they are soooooo cool!!!! It’s part of a family that I had already baptized!!! I have now baptized 8 people in their house!!!!!! We are only missing their last son... but he is homosexual so that wont be happening in my mission. 

 The baptisms this week!
These are my sweet shorts! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #56


            Emily I have gotten sooo much more humble in the mission. hahaha I am still really confident but I really have learned here how to be humble!!! But this kid is driving nuts!!!!! I am talking to the president because my companion yells and switched moods so much that I can’t keep up.  hahahahahahaha just saying. hahahahhahah I’m pretty good though!!  I baptized two more people this week!!! but they were just kids!!!! then next week we are going to baptize another family!!!!! 

This is the family Tipto!!! I have already baptized 5 of them, and this week I will baptise 3 more!!!!!!!!

This is Carlos! He is 9 years old! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #55

I want to go hunting sooo bad!!!!! i really miss hunting and fishing and driving my truck and working!!! wow how sad is that when the thing (other then my beautiful girlfriend and family) that makes me the most home sick is work! hahahaha i want to have a job sooo fast when i get back!!!!!!!

Well my week was pretty good!!!!!!!! I mean I am pretty stressed for the wedding that is coming up and the month that we had!! It really hasn’t been that good of a month as far as baptisms go for the zone but I know that in December it will be way better! We are going to only baptize 2 this month! one of them is super freaking cool!!!!!! His name is Julio Cesar Babilonia! hahahahaha he was in a hard core band when he was young! he showed us these videos and pictures from when he was young in the band! hahahaha its sooooo funny to think that we are going to baptize him!!!!!! he is super cool though!!!!!!  The other family that we were going to baptize didn’t got to church so they have to wait until the 30th but they are still going to get married the 23rd.

I am getting along better with my comp! We got into a huge fight but we were able to talk things out a little more and it has been better since then! So hopefully it stays that way!

 This is for a birthday party of a man in our ward.  He only invited missinaries to his party for some reason? haha
 This is one of the sweet skins they have here! They are awesome!
I HAD to baptize in a dress beacuse no one showed to baptize the little girls so i just had to "man up" and do it. 

Side Note: For all of you who know Christian, the man who won't wear gloves while doing instense outdoor work because he is so worried about seeming masculine, please remember this picture and make fun of him any time you get the chance in the future (:  
Love, Emily 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #54

This week has been really good! We are teaching and working hard! I have been a little worried about home this week! It is still weird not knowing how everything and everyone is doing! I hope everyone is good! And I hope that you all remember how important the temple is and how little things like the scriptures matter more than most people realize! Don't take that for granted!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #53

November 4th, 2013

This week has been so hard, but also so good.  I am learning to forgive a lot.  I was also able to marry and baptize a family, so I will send some pictures! I don't have time to write today about my whole week though sorry! Everything is good!
This is the couple that we married!
 This is the entire family!

They are soooo cute!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week #52


          This week has been pretty good Emily!!! I had my biggest baptism!!! 7 people!!!! two full families!!!!! I will send there names in another email to everyone but it was sooooo cool Emily!!!! I am sooo grateful for finding the people I found!!! we had the oldest couple our of the history of the mission that got married!! there are 86 and 82 years old!! hahahahha it was the cutest think ever to see them kiss!!!!!!!!!! I almost died because it was sooo freaking cute!!!!!!!!! I freaking love that family!!!!
Oh but the bad part that happened this week is that I got robbed for the first time!!! Someone took 200 sols from me, so I’m broke!!!!! hahahahaha but oh well, it was kind of my fault!!!!! Don’t worry, no one pulled a gun on me!!!!!!!
These are the two families I baptized.  Their names are:  

            Elsa Tipto    61
Leandro Tipto  30
Franco Tipto   14
Dani Tipto   12
Lizeth Tipto   11

Laureano Shuña Gama  86
Antonia Vela parana  81

 When you are baptizing and serving, even the companions that you can't get along with can be your best friends.