Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, February 24, 2014

Week # 69

February 24, 2014

         I got a new companion! It is the special needs kid I mentioned before! He is the funniest person I have ever met in my life! I am so happy to be with him! You would love him! He always makes jokes and he is so into being a missionary.  He is so proud of it he always tells people that he is an Elder of God.  Also sometimes we will be teaching a lesson and he will bust out laughing in the middle of no where even if it is spiritual! He is so loving and funny and pure! He says that Elder Pinta and I are his best friends! Haha I would love to work with kids like him when I get home I love being around them.  It’s hard to explain but they are just so cool. 
         So it was a good week, but I barely have any time! I love you guys! I will send pictures!

These are pictures of a family that I taught that the bishop took! This is a family that accepted baptism! 

 This is me helping Elder Lema shave! I seriously love him!
 The name of the church is almost not even on my tame tag anymore! haha
 This is how I am trying to organize things in my zone!
 Elder Lema loves Latino Dancing and he wanted me to show him how Americans dance.  He was not impressed hahahaha
 This is the welcome dinner! haha So all of these missionaries have like one week max in their mission, and since I just switched missions I was with them even though I have like 15 months! haha It was funny!
 This is my other companion Elder Pinta!
Me, Elder Lema, Elder Pinta.  We are a trio right now! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week # 68


I have been working like crazy and my zone did really good this week! So I’m pretty happy! I still haven’t baptized anyone yet here, but I have one little kid we are going to baptize next month for sure and then also this week we found some really cool families that can get baptized too!
I think the coolest thing that has happened this week was with one family that we found. It is a mom and her two children. There is a dad but he was not at home. But yeah, we just like talked to the lady in the road and she invited us into here house because she said that she wanted us to be able to help her kids. She has two kids one is a 26 year old name kelvin and then there is a little girl that is 16 I think. When we went up and into the house kelvin was playing some instrument. He plays super well and he is super cool!! I could tell that it was like a pretty cool family and that they were wiling to learn. We started talking to kelvin and getting to know him and we asked him if he believed in God and he said that he did and that he had been praying a lot more lately now that he was sick.
We asked him what he was sick with and he told us that he had testicular cancer and that they had already taken out his testicle and that they where going to start chemotherapy the next day. I could tell he was like pretty scared and was really sad so I asked him what his cell phone number was so I could call and ask how it went and he gave it to me but he was like no don’t call I’m not worried about it.
Well, then the next day I remembered to call him but I felt like I should wait, so I waited until like 4 in the afternoon and then i called him and he answered. I told him I just wanted to call and see how he was and let him know we were praying for him and he started to cry saying " right now they are giving me the meds so that I can take all of the pain from the chemo" and I told him well I will let you go just know that we are thinking about you and he was like "no please don’t get off the phone I just want to talk to someone. I’m just scared about what would happen if I died. Please tell me what you think happens when we die." so I told him all about the plan of salvation and he was so scared Emily.  I could tell just by his voice. Then he said well I have to go now they are going to start. And I could tell he was crying when he said that and he was like thanking me sooo much for calling him.
I felt super humbled.  It was crazy to me that he wanted me to talk to him and it taught me a lot about my capability to love someone that I don’t even really know.  I feel like one thing God has blessed me with is the ability to love anyone.  It obviously is a different love than I have for you or my family, but I have a real love for them.  Anyways, that was just the coolest thing that happened this week for me!  
Oh yeah so this week we had some problems with some elders in my zone. We went to do splits with them on Friday and when we met up with them one of them had a black eye. The sad thing is that the one who had a black eye is a special needs kid whose parents sent him on the mission just to see if he could do it and well he is really hard to be with because he doesn’t help because he cant teach or contact or anything but yeah his comp got frustrated and punched him.  We sorted everything out, but that was super sad!
Other than that there has been nothing new. It kind of sucks right now because I was finally getting to know my last area but now I got switched and I have to get to know it all over again and this area is freaking huge!! It’s called la Luz. It’s way cool!! I am having a blast and learning more 
 I was looking at this turtle at this woman's house, and she saw me looking at it and was like Elder just take it!!! haha I love how generous the people here are.
 These are my new assistants!
This is my new Mission President and his Wife, President Richardson.  They are super cool!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week # 67

2-10-14 (:

Well as far as my week goes it was pretty good! I got a change! I’m not in the zone Quito East as a zone leader again, which is cool!! I’m in the aria called la Luz, which I don’t know anything about because I have been here for 10 minutes.  My new comp is Elder Pinta from Colombia! Another crazy Colombian!!!!! (: How is Cristian Uribe by the way? I haven’t written him for a while! I’m pretty excited to be a zone leader again!! I hated being just like a normal comp! I was sooo bored! I’m used to everyone needing me to help them!!! hahahah and you know that I like it!!! It’s not because I like power, it’s just because I feel good when I am helping more people! hahah and the time goes by way faster as a leader!!!!!!
All of the members in Carapungo were super sad because I was leaving.  They said it had been a long time since they had had a missionary who worked sooo hard and they were all hoping that I would not get changed for a while. hahahahaha but that SUCKS because I am here now!!! I’m really happy to be here now!!!! hahahahaha I’m not sad at all anymore!!!!!
Hmmmmm what else happened this week.... I cut my hair. Hmmmmmmm OH YEAH your not going to believe me but I lost my pants..... Like I lost them. hahahaha I actually took them one day to use them as a example of how I wanted them to fix my other pants but then I went into a phone booth and left and forgot them in there.  Then I went back like 5 min later to find them and someone had already taken them. So I only have two pants and only one that I actually like. Here it is like 30 or 40 dollars to get some pants. It’s kind of embarrassing walking around in the same pants everyday!  I have just been washing them in my sink at my house like every other day so at least they are not dirty. I will probably get some new ones soon!
I hope everyone is doing well! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week # 66

I am getting over the sad a little! This week was pretty good. I am having some problems with my comp because he has a busted up knee and he walks SUPER SUPER freaking slow and I am used to walking fast. With all my other slow comp can just walk fast and they just learn but this kid just lets me get way out in front of him and then I have to wait since he actually has a bad knee!!!!! haha It’s soooo much different the mission work here!!!! No joke like the people here just never want to let you into their house! The Peruvians like let you into their house and just feel blessed by you being there, but the people here don’t even want to see us. hahahaha but there are a few that we are working on. I am going to have to learn more scriptures though because the people here are way smarter than the Peruvians. I will get the whole groove of things fast I always do!. This mission is also politically way different then my last mission. For example here the elders just want to baptize whatever walks but in Peru we only looked for families. I do like the President he is way cool!!!!
Oh and I have some crappy news.... with the mission change my finish date got changed again. I now go home like the first week in December!

 I have some type of a weird fungus thing on my hand! Elder Peacock and I got them the same day in the same place when I was in Perú! It doesn't itch or anything but it gets darker!

 This is a little boy from my ward who always talks about how he wants to be a missionary so I let him wear my name tag for a second! haha
 This is a new fruit I have never heard of.  It is called pan de arbol.  Which I guess in English is tree fruit? So I am not sure how that translates haha.