Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week # 66

I am getting over the sad a little! This week was pretty good. I am having some problems with my comp because he has a busted up knee and he walks SUPER SUPER freaking slow and I am used to walking fast. With all my other slow comp can just walk fast and they just learn but this kid just lets me get way out in front of him and then I have to wait since he actually has a bad knee!!!!! haha It’s soooo much different the mission work here!!!! No joke like the people here just never want to let you into their house! The Peruvians like let you into their house and just feel blessed by you being there, but the people here don’t even want to see us. hahahaha but there are a few that we are working on. I am going to have to learn more scriptures though because the people here are way smarter than the Peruvians. I will get the whole groove of things fast I always do!. This mission is also politically way different then my last mission. For example here the elders just want to baptize whatever walks but in Peru we only looked for families. I do like the President he is way cool!!!!
Oh and I have some crappy news.... with the mission change my finish date got changed again. I now go home like the first week in December!

 I have some type of a weird fungus thing on my hand! Elder Peacock and I got them the same day in the same place when I was in Perú! It doesn't itch or anything but it gets darker!

 This is a little boy from my ward who always talks about how he wants to be a missionary so I let him wear my name tag for a second! haha
 This is a new fruit I have never heard of.  It is called pan de arbol.  Which I guess in English is tree fruit? So I am not sure how that translates haha.