Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week #12

"hahahaha this week was good though!! we met 3 new family and set the record for the most investigators at once in this aria!!! ha so thats cool!!! We have already committed 5 to baptism but we don't have the dates yet. I am going to send picture soon but I don't have time."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week # 10 and Week #11

"I am having fun here! I miss home, but I love it here it is so chaotic! I don't really have much to tell you yet, but we have been teaching, and I really like Elder Delgado! Wait, i had to save a lady this week!! this old lady wanted to go to this apointment with us ths week and she she got all dressed up and came with us! and she is super slow and super crazy!! and she just like walked out in a busy road without looking and i had to pick her up and run her across the street and then she was mad at me for pickig her up!! ahahahahhaahah i love her!! she is sooo small!! hahaha and then at church on sunday she took my by the hand and sat down and just started telling me her life stori ad she has alshimars and she shakes and i was holding her and so when she stared to shake i would just hold it still for and and then she would thank me! she was soooo cute! I will send pictures soon when I find out how." 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week #8 and Week #9

So, the last two weeks have been very eventful for Christian. Last week he got food poisoning, and got so sick that he lost 5 pounds, and then right after, he got the flu so he was sick for a while! He got well just in time to fly away.   He had to say bye to a couple close friends he made at the MTC, like Elder Nielson.  He was ready to leave though he said. Well, he finally got what he wanted, and he is in Lima Peru, teaching real investigators.  He flew out January 7th, so it has only been one day.  He has a companion right now named Elder Delgado.  Right now, everything is just getting figured out, but I will be able to give more detail later.  For now, I just wanted to post the last pictures of the MTC he had sent. He took pictures with his favorite teachers and also of the snow fort, which he made sure to say he was "extremely proud of." Also, the first family he went to after being in Peru was able to give me a picture of him when he arrived in Lima when they went to eat, so I will post that as well.
 Christian and Elder Delgado their First Day in Lima, Peru at Coco's Cafe.
 Christian's Snow Fort
 This is Christian and his group with Hermano Purnell, and Hermana King, who are two of his teachers, in the front with the white name tags.
 This is Hermano Purnell, another one of Christian's teachers who he really liked.
This is Hermano Galves, who was Christian's favorite MTC teacher.  He said "Brother Galves is so amazing.  He inspires me so much and he is a great teacher."