Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week #52


          This week has been pretty good Emily!!! I had my biggest baptism!!! 7 people!!!! two full families!!!!! I will send there names in another email to everyone but it was sooooo cool Emily!!!! I am sooo grateful for finding the people I found!!! we had the oldest couple our of the history of the mission that got married!! there are 86 and 82 years old!! hahahahha it was the cutest think ever to see them kiss!!!!!!!!!! I almost died because it was sooo freaking cute!!!!!!!!! I freaking love that family!!!!
Oh but the bad part that happened this week is that I got robbed for the first time!!! Someone took 200 sols from me, so I’m broke!!!!! hahahahaha but oh well, it was kind of my fault!!!!! Don’t worry, no one pulled a gun on me!!!!!!!
These are the two families I baptized.  Their names are:  

            Elsa Tipto    61
Leandro Tipto  30
Franco Tipto   14
Dani Tipto   12
Lizeth Tipto   11

Laureano Shuña Gama  86
Antonia Vela parana  81

 When you are baptizing and serving, even the companions that you can't get along with can be your best friends.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #51


Well your birthday package should be there be now or get there this week!!!!! but I have to explain your gift a little because I forgot to tell you what is is and why it is cool!!!!!! It is a Chippewa skirt!!!!! hahahaha there is a tribe of natives here that are super cool and they have a super cool tradition that they do here! when a man falls in love with a woman they have a strange way of expressing it!!! the men here put their feelings on a piece of fabric. like they embroider things. hahaha and the men are like pros and the women too! but they make their one true love a skirt and to ask them to marry them they give them this skirt and then it’s the skirt that the women wears when they get married!!!! Well, I don’t have time to make a whole skirt but I bought one and I did a little bit of embroidering.

         This week like the saddest thing in my whole mission happened Emily.... one of my other best friends got sent home for crap he did before the mission...... Emily he called me from the airport crying so hard. it made me super sad! I had to call the assistants because my comp refused to talk to me! he said to them that I treated him bad and then when they asked him what I had done he had no idea what to tell them he just up some excuse that I talk a lot about Elder Uribe and I tell everyone that he is my best friend and when you say that some one is your best friend that means that you hate everyone else or some thing like that! I didn’t understand his reasoning at all and neither did the assistants, so they where just like "ok, well just like talk to your comp ok?"

With my 7 baptisms I am great!! they are all super pumped!!! they all went to church and are ready to get the hell baptized out of them!!!!!!!!  My favorite baptism is Leandro!!!!! He is a special needs kid who is all pumped about getting baptized!!!!!! hahahahaha he is like high functioning downs but he freaking loves me!!! because I always bring him gum and candy!! he waits for in the corner of the street so that every time I pass I can give him one!!!!! he is a freaking crack up!!!!! he never went to school so he is not very smart but he is a freaking crackup Emily!!! I love him!!!!!!

This is my Mission President! Presidente Gomez! : 

My Companion was asleep.  He is a deep sleeper.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week #50


Hmmmm well I’m all good! I am going to baptize 7 people this month! I’m pretty pumped!!! I am having such a hard time getting along with my companion.  hahahahahaha oh well! His name is Elder Tenezoa from Peru. I am trying my best, but it is so hard it makes everything hard when you can’t get along with your companion. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week #49

Today we have 11 months in the mission! Wow Emily that time is going by soo freaking fast! I will be getting a new comp tomorrow it will be super cool I am super pumped about it! To be honest, I really miss Elder Uribe!! He was such a good friend!!!!!! I want you to meet him super bad!! I don’t have any more time left because I have to do all of the forms of the zone alone because I don’t have a comp yet so that used up all my time pretty much!!

P.S. I ate monkey this week but I don’t have the picture, Elder Uribe does.  I will get him to send it to me!!!! I ate a full on hand!! It felt like eating a baby human!!! hahahahaha and it was like hairy!!!!!!!
Oh yeah and I’m going to Iquitos again tomorrow! I will be there 2 days that’s all but it will be cool. 

 We had 3 Weddings this week! (:
 This is one of the families that we are going to baptize on the 19th this month! (October)
This is my best friend Elder Uribe when I was dropping him off at the airport, so that he could return home.  I will miss him.