Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week #49

Today we have 11 months in the mission! Wow Emily that time is going by soo freaking fast! I will be getting a new comp tomorrow it will be super cool I am super pumped about it! To be honest, I really miss Elder Uribe!! He was such a good friend!!!!!! I want you to meet him super bad!! I don’t have any more time left because I have to do all of the forms of the zone alone because I don’t have a comp yet so that used up all my time pretty much!!

P.S. I ate monkey this week but I don’t have the picture, Elder Uribe does.  I will get him to send it to me!!!! I ate a full on hand!! It felt like eating a baby human!!! hahahahaha and it was like hairy!!!!!!!
Oh yeah and I’m going to Iquitos again tomorrow! I will be there 2 days that’s all but it will be cool. 

 We had 3 Weddings this week! (:
 This is one of the families that we are going to baptize on the 19th this month! (October)
This is my best friend Elder Uribe when I was dropping him off at the airport, so that he could return home.  I will miss him.