Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, September 30, 2013

Week #48

         Emily I don’t think I have ever been this home sick in my mission. My  week was pretty good but also a bummer because the family that I was going to baptize couldn’t get baptized because they couldn’t get married. there are a bunch of problems with the identity of the guy so we can’t take out his birth certificate then get him married! so now we have to get an abogado. (I don’t remember what it is in English) so that he can work it all out!!!!! but my zone baptized 11 people and we were short 9 baptisms to complete the goal but I know we will get it the next month!!!! hahahaha I get along with all the elders in my zone other than one.  He is this kid from my same group like we were in the MTC together and he hates me because I am his leader and I have to correct him and like teach him what I know and he is a freaking crap missionary but he thinks he is the best!!!! but I kinda chewed him out hard core the other day for baptizing an investigator of other missionaries and he was allangry!!!!! I am learning a lot about how to be a better leader and a stronger leader!!!!! but I’m still also learning to be humble. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week #47

      This week has been super cool! I’m learning a lot about getting people married here in Peru!! I can make you a fake birth certificate if you want!!! I am a master in the art of forging documents!! hahahaha jk but really we found a few loopholes in the system here and we are using the heck out of them!!! We have one family that is going to be baptized! I will send you a picture of them!! They are suuuuuper cute emily! They are super cool!!! Antonia always forgets she is going to get baptized! Hahahahahaha. It’s pretty cute because she always asks her husband if he really wants to marry her! and he always tells her yes!!!! hahahahahahaha she is sooo cute! and he is cute too!!!! I love how small they are!!!! My comp is going home and he is talking a lot about how it will be when he goes and what he is going to do the first day and all that kind of stuff!!!! It makes me think about what I want.  I want to go straight to the house and then order pizza from the stone grill and drink mountain dew and just talk with you and my family! and then I want to sleep with everyone!! the whole family!! I want to have like a sleep over in the front room!!!!!!!! it will be sweet!! 

This is Lauriano and Antonia! The family we are going to baptize.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week #46

This week has been cool!!! Something crazy happened!! hahahahah we found some missionary alone in the road... hahahahhaha and he was not from the mission here but he was from a mission in the Dominican Republic.... hahahahahahaha we asked him what the heck he was doing alone and he made up some story about how he got sick in the mission and the President sent him home! but that the president only bought him a ticket to Lima and not all the way to his house in Iquitos so that is when I knew he was lying and we took him to our house and well, let’s just say I have a talent to know when people are lying and we took every bit of info out of him!! In the end, he told us that he was on the mission but he had engaged in sexual contact with another guy. and that the President sent him home to Iquitos but he was too ashamed to go home, so he go off in Lima and came on a bus here to Pulcallpa to live with his aunt. He stayed the night in our house and today we took him to the airport!  We talked to him a lot and he was pretty hopeful to be able to repent and live life! It was super sad and he lied a lot but it was a pretty cool story. Hahahahahahahaha other than that the week has been pretty normal! I am good!! and healthy! 

These are three of my good friends in the mission.  Elder Uribe, Elder Collins and Elder Crump.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week #45

I am having sooo much fun right now Emily!!!!!! Having one of your best friends as your comp is the best!!! Pretty much all of my friends are leaving this change! Elder Uribe, Elder Collins and Elder Hernandez! It sucks Emily!!!! but I still have a few good friends here in la mission.. I got to go to Iquitos on Tuesday and we came back Thursday.  We had our zone leader conference it was super funny because alllll of the zone leaders hate me.  The thing is that Elder Uribe was the assistant to the president and he had to brunt them and chew them out all the time. So they all hate him and, well, I’m his comp and I’m a lot like he is so they don’t like me either. I still have a few really good friends in the mission. Also we have a family to baptize. They are Lauriano and Antonia.  I think I told you about them.  They are super cool. They came to church this week and loved it.  They are going to get married and baptized the 28th.  I love our ward. They are super small but super cool and my ward mission leader is cool. He doesn’t have legs, but we just put him in his wheel chair and push him all day. As far as me- Well, I’m good.  Working Hard.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week #44


Holy Cow! I got the best change that you can ever get in the mission! No joke! Emily I am sooooooo surprised that it worked out sooooooo freaking perfect this change!!!!! Hahahahahahahhahahaa I will tell you why!!!! Hahahahaha first, I told you about Cristian Uribe being my best friend in the mission right?... well this is his last change in the mission and the president let him choose who he wanted and he chose me!!!!!!!! And they changed me to a place called Pucallpa... not just as a normal missionary, but also as a zone leader!!! And the zone leader of a brand new zone!! Hahahaha we are the first missionaries in this city and my area is brand new!!!!!! It’s soooo freaking coooool Emily it’s no joke like a dream!! I’m soooo happy with where I am at right now!!!! hahahahahahaha but holy cow it’s soo much more work!! for example, I had to do all of the forms today and now I only have 10 min to write you!!!! Next week we are going to come mas temprano to the Internet!!!!!! I am going to baptize and marry a family of 80 year olds!! they have been living together for like 60 years!!! hahahahahaha Lauriano and Antonia!!!! They are soooo freaking cute!