Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week #85

June 28, 2014

The President had to remind me to shave this week! My beard has gotten way bigger! It grows in huge in like one day!!!! It’s pretty crazy! Haha  
So this week was pretty crazy to!!!!

Sunday: We went for the last time to our ward in the colon because there are dividing a stake and they took our ward and now it is part of the other mission so now we work in iñaquito, but it doesn’t matter because I have not gotten to work in my sector even once this whole week!!! Then we went and ate with a cool family from the ward, and then I had to go to the President’s house to call out the changes to the whole mission!!! So we got that done and then went home and crashed!!!!!

Monday: I did all of my verifications for the different zones in the mission and then after that we had the monthly planning with the president and that lasted until about 11:00pm and then we went home and crashed!!! And I sent some letters home!

Tuesday: We had a big zone meeting and that started at 10 am and went until the night!!! It was fun but it was crazy and I lost my voice from talking sooo much and having to talk really loud!!! That went until the night and we got back to the house at about 9pm!

Wed/Thursday: Alright we did the same thing on this day and pretty much every day for the whole week.

Friday we got new missionaries who all have time in the mission but they are getting kicked out of Perú and that means they had to come here and one of them is from my last mission and I knew him before!! Pretty cool to see him but he is super pissed about the change!!!!! And then we had to train them and the new mission rules and all the new mission stuff and they were all mad because the things here are a little harder for example they don’t let everyone here have a phone or anything like that!!! But they will get used to it!!! And then they had dinner and that ended late and then we had to get them to there sectors and they had no idea where anything is so we had to take them and it took really long and it was really stressful!! I am going to be sooo used to just being stressed all the time by the time I finish my mission!! I am already way more calm then my comp he like freaks out when anything happens!!! But we are getting it figured out!!!! And yeah today we went and played soccer and then ate and slept for a little while in the house!!! And then I wrote a few letters for my family!! I just need to finish the letter for my mom and dad and then I can send those this week!!!!

That was pretty much my week! I know it was not that exciting!!!!! I am working really hard though! Is there anything anybody wants to know?



Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week #84

June 21, 2014


 I made videos for home this week and I have them ready to send for everyone so you will get those whenever they come! So about my week:

Sunday: Well Sunday, I went to church for the last time in the colon ward! They announced that the colon ward will now be part of another stake which is part of the other mission so we are going to be moved to another ward this week I think the Iñaquito ward which is also a pretty cool ward and then after church I went to teach one lesion with the family of a kid from our ward who is going to leave on his mission, but his parents aren’t members and we had a great lesion with them.  It was the last lesson of the whole mission for Elder Thomas and then at night we had to go to the presidents house to do the changes in the whole mission, which was pretty cool and we there where a lot of cool changes. For example, some new leaders and also a bunch of people went home then we got home at about 12 AM and went straight to bed!!!!!!

Monday: Well pretty much all Mondays are the same for me now!!!!! I get to the offices at about 10 in the morning and I have to go over the numbers of the whole mission and we have to call the zone leaders one by one and figure out what they did well, what they did bad in and what they are going to do to be better and I do that until about 6 in the afternoon and then I have to send in all the stuff to the aria and then after that we had something that only happens every 6 weeks. We always go to the “going away dinners” of the missionaries who are leaving and it was kind of cool because Elder Thomas was one of them this time! It was funny because as an assistant he has gone to like 8 of them and this was finally his actual going away dinner! It was cool!!! I love hearing the testimonies of those who are leaving because you can see what kind of missionary they really were just by hearing their testimonies. It’s pretty funny! There were some that really aren’t great!!!! But Elder Thomas was a good one and there was one more who was also especially good to listen to!!  And that went until about 11 pm and then we took them to our house and they left at about 2 in the morning to fly home!

Tuesday: This was a good day because this was when all the new missionaries got here!! We went to the president’s house early and then from there we went to the airport to pick up all the new guys and it is always cool to see them because they are always sooo pumped about being here and just ready to work even though they know nothing about being a missionary! And then we trained them until about 7 at night on just like being strong and not giving up and like what to do if you think too much of your house and all that stuff and then we came to the office and got ready for the next day and then went home at about 10pm.

Wed: well this day we also just trained allllllllll day! It was a lot fun and then after that we took them to the president’s house and ate dinner!!! That was pretty much the whole day! Hahaha I’m not going to lie there is not that much to tell about the trainings we just talk and talk and talk!!!!! That is pretty much it! But we did get some good missionaries! There are two that are children of presidents of different stakes.

Thursday: We had the training of the new missionaries and their trainers! It was really cool to see them meet their new companions for first time and they were all pumped and just ready to go to work!!!! We trained them allllll day until about 7 and then we came to the offices to get ready for the next day to be able to do the zone conference and the leadership meeting! That took all night and then we went home and slept finally!

Friday: Well normally the craziness of the week would have been over, but this time we had a leader meeting in the morning at 9 until 1 and then the zone conference from 1 till 8pm! Once again all day training!!! It is a lot of fun but it does wear me out and I have to talk and talk and talk and I have to always be thinking of questions to ask the missionaries so they learn better and pretty much the whole time I am just making it up and they all look at me the whole time and they expect me to know everything about everything!! I kind of like it but at the same time I get soooo tired!! But I think I have gotten their love and they all seem to respect me and like me at least!!! I think some at first didn’t like that I was from another mission, but I have done a good job of getting the confidence! And that was my whole day!!!!

Saturday: Well that is today!!! I woke everyone up at 5:45 and I made them come with me to the park to play soccer! It was fun we played against the assistants of the other mission! And we won! I twisted my ankle but it will better by tomorrow! And then after that we went back to the house and studied and then we went to buy food and then we went back to the house and did a deep cleaning!!!! You will see in the video I sent how clean it is!!! And then we ate lunch!! A chicken with rice……. and yeah now I’m here in the offices! It was a good week!!!



This is my zone! Except I have never been to a single zone meeting because we are always traveling! haha 

These are the guys who work in the offices with me!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week #83

June 14th, 2014

I have been working like crazy. This week we went to a place called Tulcan which is 10 min from the Colombian border! It was sooooooo cold!!! no joke i forgot what cold feels like!!!! It is fine because that is the only place that is like that and I probably will never go back!!! It was super cool though!!! I did divisions with a few missionaries It was fun!!!! I like my new assignment!!!  
Oh my gosh em i am soooo freaking pissed I just worked on a message that was huge I just spent like a hour and 15 min on it and its alllllll gone.... im sorry!!! wow I’m not going to be able to write it all again! I talked about everything that happend this week sorry that this will not be so good now. it was a super cool week!!!!!
I was saying that I talked to the mission presidents wife today when she told me about the book she wrote. and she talked about how all the people who have been famous in the world had always had a vision and then just done everything to complete their vision!! I was thinking that I want to think of what my actual goals are when I am home and then think of specific things to reach them instead of just the general goal.
Next week I will write more and make sure that it doesn’t get erased! I will try to make a voice recording for this week too since I couldn’t tell you anything but it might be hard living with 5 guys haha.  I will write it by hand though this week too (: 

Love, Christian

This is an old picture, but one of Christian's old companions posted it this week and I thought it was funny hahahaha. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week #82

June 7th, 2014
My time is almost up already today but my week was good!!!!  I went to Esmeraldas which is on the coast and I trained the leaders and then all the missionaries in the coast! We trained about finding people and I used fishing as the example! We showed that fishing with a fishing pole or finding people by yourself you only get very few people but when you fish with a net you catch many fish or when you find with the help of the members you find many people!  It was good and I had fun talking about fishing!!!! 
Hmm we also had the zone leaders council, which was cool, and I had a lot of fun doing!!!! But those were the big things that happened this week!!! I have a good time talking to the president on our drives because my companions always go to sleep and I never fall asleep driving and I just talk and ask him questions and he just talks and answers!! I get along really well with him!!!! 
I have not worked on time in my sector this week and really for like 3 weeks I have not worked in my own sector!!! It sucks but I guess that is part of the sacrifice!!!!!! 
On another note I went to the doctor and got my knee checked out and they said I have tendonitis..... or jumpers knee.... which I don’t get because I never jump!!!! I just have to take it easy and still run but a little less until my knee doesn’t bother me sooo much. But that it is something that I will always have he said.... but I think it will probably just go away! Haha  Overall, good week and I miss you guys!