Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week #85

June 28, 2014

The President had to remind me to shave this week! My beard has gotten way bigger! It grows in huge in like one day!!!! It’s pretty crazy! Haha  
So this week was pretty crazy to!!!!

Sunday: We went for the last time to our ward in the colon because there are dividing a stake and they took our ward and now it is part of the other mission so now we work in iñaquito, but it doesn’t matter because I have not gotten to work in my sector even once this whole week!!! Then we went and ate with a cool family from the ward, and then I had to go to the President’s house to call out the changes to the whole mission!!! So we got that done and then went home and crashed!!!!!

Monday: I did all of my verifications for the different zones in the mission and then after that we had the monthly planning with the president and that lasted until about 11:00pm and then we went home and crashed!!! And I sent some letters home!

Tuesday: We had a big zone meeting and that started at 10 am and went until the night!!! It was fun but it was crazy and I lost my voice from talking sooo much and having to talk really loud!!! That went until the night and we got back to the house at about 9pm!

Wed/Thursday: Alright we did the same thing on this day and pretty much every day for the whole week.

Friday we got new missionaries who all have time in the mission but they are getting kicked out of Perú and that means they had to come here and one of them is from my last mission and I knew him before!! Pretty cool to see him but he is super pissed about the change!!!!! And then we had to train them and the new mission rules and all the new mission stuff and they were all mad because the things here are a little harder for example they don’t let everyone here have a phone or anything like that!!! But they will get used to it!!! And then they had dinner and that ended late and then we had to get them to there sectors and they had no idea where anything is so we had to take them and it took really long and it was really stressful!! I am going to be sooo used to just being stressed all the time by the time I finish my mission!! I am already way more calm then my comp he like freaks out when anything happens!!! But we are getting it figured out!!!! And yeah today we went and played soccer and then ate and slept for a little while in the house!!! And then I wrote a few letters for my family!! I just need to finish the letter for my mom and dad and then I can send those this week!!!!

That was pretty much my week! I know it was not that exciting!!!!! I am working really hard though! Is there anything anybody wants to know?