Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week #86

July 5, 2014
I didn’t even realize this week was the 4th of July! I felt so bad when I realized it was! But we didn’t do anything other than work! I am not going to lie I am really good at not getting home sick now, but I did get a little homesick and wish I was there for the 4th! I can’t wait to have a pick up and go fishing and make fires and wear red white and blue for the whole week of the fourth after this!

Sunday: I went to church in Iñaquito for the first time and it was pretty cool!!!! All the members wanted to help!!!! There are now 8 missionaries in my ward and the mission presidents of both missions! It’s cool I guess but we also have to be really good!! There is really no like relax time for us when we do know what I am far from being perfect in anything but I guess that’s why we go crazy when we get to our house here in the mission!!! My comps are crazy!!!! For example I took the shoe of Elder Beltran and I put it in a bowl of water and put it in the freezer and then in the morning when he was looking for his shoe he found it there and was pissed and then the next day I found my shirt frozen solid in the freezer!! hahahaha I took a video of it I will send!!! It’s soooo funny!!!!! 

Monday: Well this was a pretty boring Monday!!! Just did all of the verifications and then we where in the offices until 1:30 am getting ready for the council of the mission. I was soooo tired and then we just went home and crashed!!!!!!!!

Tuesday: We had the mission council and it went really well!!! The mission council is where all the zone leaders get together and then me my Comp and the president have 6 hours to train them on what they can do better and what we want to happen in the mission!!! It’s cool to think that we have a job like that.  This time we talked about " reaching our full potential" and we talk about the changed elephant. You might of heard the story before, but if not, it talks about an elephant and how strong they are and if they are sooo strong then why don’t the ones that are tied up just escape and the idea is that when the elephant was a baby he tried to fight and break the chain but at this time he could not do it because he was not strong enough at that time and now that he is big he still has in his mind that he is to small to be able to break it!!!! I feel like it came out well and the rest of the council also went well!!!

Wednesday: Alright, wellllllllllllll this was a pretty boring day as well!!!! We were just in the offices doing like little things for the pres and then we went to work in the sector but with little success!!! It’s pretty hard to do anything there because they are all houses that are huge with tons of rich people!! I have the goal to baptize at least one more family before I go home!!!! I have plenty of time but I want at least one more!!!!!! I really do love being a missionary!!!!!!!

Thursday: I don’t remember what I did this day......At all… Wow I really can’t remember haha.

Friday: In the morning we went to look for houses for the new missionaries that are coming!! I got to go to Cumbaya and go with Elder Equtie! He is a good missionary and we had a good time looking together We found 2 houses and then I went back to the offices with elder Hess (the secretary) and worked there until about 6:30pm and then I went to the sector and worked and the people there were a little better!!! We found a guy who was loaded rich and had a huge house and a ton of cars and he came out and talked to us and it was crazy because the guy was really smart but he was really against God and he tried to explain why and then we tried to explain why yes and it sucked because nothing happened, but we just ended up leaving and nothing happened. And then in another house we met a little old lady and you know that they are always my weak spot and I talked with her and she told as that she wanted us to come back and then while we were talking to her, her daughter showed up and she also said she wanted us to come back and meet her family and yeah it was cool and then we went back in a bus that we found that drops us off pretty close to the house!!!! 

Saturday: Well that’s today and well we got up early and studied and then we went to the President’s house and he took us to go play tennis and he is really good and I suck at it!!! I think because it is because I just felt like the only man there!!!! All the other tennis player seemed sooooo gay to me!! Even the manly guys seemed gay doing it! I couldn’t take it seriously! But yeah when that ended we went and bought food and then we ate it and then came here to the office to write and now I’m still here writing!!!!!!