Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #89

July 26, 2014
So when I come home no it won’t be in the morning it will be at like 9 or 10 PM! I feel like I won’t be able to sleep at all I just want to talk haha.  I want to hunt because it will be hunting season when I get home haha.  I am scared of coming home a little because I have never really liked being by myself and now I am so used to having a companion! Haha
         I haven’t told you anything about my week but the truth is that it was a really boring week!!!!! Nothing exciting happened!!! I trained in Otavalo with was fun! And it was really good!! And now we have just been working here in the offices trying to catch up on things!!! And I will have a baptism next week of a guy named Gorge and yeah its going to kind of suck because I will not be here because I have to go train in the jungle!!! My first time going to the jungle here!! I’m pumped!! But the bad thing is that I will be alone with the President and that means my p-day will be all with him and I probably wont be able to write that much we will be busy!!!!!
         It was a good week though! I miss and love everyone! I hope everyone is doing good!

Love, Christian

This is the Stake Conference There.  And I found a couple pictures of Elder Burleson on other blogs, so I put them on here.