Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week #87

July 12, 2014
hahahaahaha sooo this week I have done a few cool things!! The first part of the week was really boring to talk about Because I have just been doing a ton of trainings and looking for houses a little more!!!! But the more cool things this week is what I did on Thursday and Friday!!!
I went on splits with the zone leaders in Imbabura because they had been having some problems and the whole zone was upset at them for only thinking about numbers. So we went to see what the heck was going on and it was good because we were able to help a lot!!!! And they asked forgiveness of their whole zone!!!  I liked it because they showed they where humble and they felt bad!!
That was the same time that one of them took me up to the volcano and it was sooo freaking cool!!! I was sooo freaking tired but it was worth it!!! That same missionary talked about how bad he felt about the type of leader he had been but how he was going to try harder and stick it out.  It was a way cool experience! We went home on a bus and they were playing this movie and we have permission to watch the movies on the buses and it started out cool and then at one point it just showed like some sex scene of the guys face and stuff so I stopped watching it and it made me remember how much I hate porn and how disgusted I am that woman are able to get that low that they can do that and not value themselves.  It is so sad!!!
Ok what else... well today I had my President take me on a birthday trip with my comp and his wife!!!! We went to Teliferiqo which is like a ski lift that takes you way up to the top of this volcano and then you can see like everything from up there!!!!!!! and we took a bunch of pictures!!!!! and then we went down and changed and went to lunch and they bought me lunch!! It was really good!! It was a crepe with like chicken and mushrooms in it!!!!!! Then we came straight here!!!!! And as far as my comp goes we are really starting to love our time together!!!!!! I feel really bad for him right now!! He just found out like last week that his mom is living in the street and they don’t know where she is!!!! And he has been pretty bummed!!!!! But I am trying to help him with just working hard so we are busy!!!!!! But it’s got to be so hard!!!!!
Yeah, those were the exciting things of the week!!! This next week I am going to the coast!!!!! I’m pumped!! I love it there!!!!!! I will take a bunch of pictures!!!!!


These are the Native People of Otavalo.  I had to hike for about 30 min up the side of a active volcano to meet this family.... 

At teliferiqo.....

A sweet Jumping Picture

Me walking up the volcano imbabura

A pic with my pres and his wife and two lamas.....

This is the same little boy from the family in Otavalo! he was soooo freaking funny because he had like these rubber boots on and his hair was sooo crazy and he had a ton of food in his hair!!!!! and then he found like this nastly comb on the grond and strated to comb his hair and then he decided that it would be cooler to comb the cat and then he went and found a chicken and then combed that to!!!! i was laughing soooo hard!!!!!

I made this Video at Teleferiqo