Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #55

I want to go hunting sooo bad!!!!! i really miss hunting and fishing and driving my truck and working!!! wow how sad is that when the thing (other then my beautiful girlfriend and family) that makes me the most home sick is work! hahahaha i want to have a job sooo fast when i get back!!!!!!!

Well my week was pretty good!!!!!!!! I mean I am pretty stressed for the wedding that is coming up and the month that we had!! It really hasn’t been that good of a month as far as baptisms go for the zone but I know that in December it will be way better! We are going to only baptize 2 this month! one of them is super freaking cool!!!!!! His name is Julio Cesar Babilonia! hahahahaha he was in a hard core band when he was young! he showed us these videos and pictures from when he was young in the band! hahahaha its sooooo funny to think that we are going to baptize him!!!!!! he is super cool though!!!!!!  The other family that we were going to baptize didn’t got to church so they have to wait until the 30th but they are still going to get married the 23rd.

I am getting along better with my comp! We got into a huge fight but we were able to talk things out a little more and it has been better since then! So hopefully it stays that way!

 This is for a birthday party of a man in our ward.  He only invited missinaries to his party for some reason? haha
 This is one of the sweet skins they have here! They are awesome!
I HAD to baptize in a dress beacuse no one showed to baptize the little girls so i just had to "man up" and do it. 

Side Note: For all of you who know Christian, the man who won't wear gloves while doing instense outdoor work because he is so worried about seeming masculine, please remember this picture and make fun of him any time you get the chance in the future (:  
Love, Emily