Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week #91

August 9, 2014 

 I was super sick allll week!!! But the bad part is that being the assistant it does not matter at all if I am sick I still have to train and take care of everything!!!!! I freaking hate it because I am a wimp about being sick!! But oh well at the same time I feel good doing hard things!!! It was a pretty normal week though!

Saturday: I was in Coca which is the jungle! But really it is a pretty lame jungle compared to Pucalpa or Tarapoto! but it was nice to get some sun! i trained for about 5 hours by myself because we only go out there every 3 months and the president only ever takes 1 of us out at a time. and then at night we went to a baptism which was pretty cool!!!! and then we went to the hotel and slept! It’s funny to stay with the president because we all see him like this super hero for us and then when you stay with him and you see him in his normal life it just makes you realize that he is just a normal guy like us!!

Sunday: well we went to church and then went straight to the airport to go back to quito and got there about 7 pm and then worked with my comp in our sector until 9 but I started feeling kind of sick so I just went straight to bed after.

Monday: we had a normal monday but the only real problem is that we had to get ready for the mission council the next day and my comp had not done anything for it while I was gone so we ended up staying there until about 1:30 Am to finish which sucked but oh well!

Tuesday: we had the mission council with all the zone leaders and sister leaders and well it went really good!!! we trained about AMMONITAS which is just something we made up! It’s like a visit to the missionaries in the morning to see if they get up on time and to make sure they study well enough! and yeah it went really well! We finished at about 7 pm and then went straight to the offices to get ready to train the next day in the interviews and left at about 9:30 pm to the house and I was still sick and so I crashed!!!! 

Wednesday: we had interviews in QUITO WEST ZONE and it was good! We did it pretty fast and we trained well! Well I trained well! I had to train alone because my comp had to look at all the aria books which is something that sister Richardson usually does but she wasn’t there this week! and then after that we finished at about 7 pm and went to the offices to get ready for our visits the next day!

Thursday: we left at about 6:00 am to go visit some missionaries in a few zones and well it was cool because we got there and they were still getting ready and they did not expect us at all!!!! and yeah I studied with them and it was a good time to be able to talk and teach them about studying and stuff!! Who would of thought that I might ever teach someone how to study the scriptures!! Pretty cool right!?  Crazy.   but yeah then we went to the mini conference of the Ofelia zone and yeah it was pretty normal!!!! and then we go back to the offices at about 3:30 pm and talked to the PTE. and then got ready for the training on Friday and then went to work in our sector we had a visit with Jorge the one who is going to be baptized really soon and well he also wants to go to see the temple this next week which will be super cool!!! I’m pumped!!!! 

Friday: we had interviews with the Calderón Zone and yeah that went until late and we had time to just do one leccion in our sector!!! we went to a family that the sisters had been teaching before and they told us that they where almost baptized but then all these really bad things happened to their family like people started to die and the whole house was robbed! and yeah they said they will NEVER let missionaries into there house again because of the bad things that happened to them and they don’t want anything to do with us, so that was kind of sad.  Then we went and found a less active family and that was also pretty sad!! They said unless the church started to give them money again they would never come back to church!!! I guess for like a long time they where on welfare in the church and the church cut them off because they didn’t even try to find a job and yeah that just sucks!!!! I HATE when people do only What they HAVE to and won’t try.  They just wait for their problems to be fixed for them!!!!! haha i mean there are for sure times when people need help, which is why church welfare is good, but just not trying AT ALL makes me crazy!!!!!

Saturday: well that’s today!!!! hahahaa and we went to the middle the world! It’s really cool!!!!! haha I took a bunch of pictures!!!! haha and then we eat CUY!!!! They are Ginny pigs!!!! It was not really very good but I did eat it!!! Also my President told me that I need to get new shoes because my shoes are so bad, and he said that my brown ones were too light colored, so I found someone to paint them black for me so that’s sweet! Haha

Sorry I probably sound negative I am suuuuch a wus about being sick! But I feel better today! Haha I am doing pretty dang good overall except I miss home when I think about it! Haha But I am happy here. 


 The old tribes here really did shrink heads (: This one is fake, but it is what they look like!
This is a real one though!
 Visiting the Equator Today (August 9th, 2014)
 It's impossible to walk in a straight line on the equator because the forces try to pull you to one side or the other.
 Balance an egg on the tip of a nail at the middle of the world.
 This is a little cuy, or guinea pig!
 This is the same little guy about an hour later... (: