Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week #92

August 16, 2014 
Hahaha Remember how I told you that I was sick last week? Well it let’s just say that I only thought I was sick the week before this one.  It was really just getting me ready for this week! I have been so sick! It just keeps coming out both ends like every 20 minutes this whole week! I am finally feeling ok today but I have been seriously nonstop throwing up all week.  You don’t even know!!! This week was a huge week for interviews in Otavalo so I had to train the same thing 3 times everyday for 4 days hahaha! I was like running to the bathroom in the middle of every lesson! I am so beat! It was from 9-8 everyday! Then I couldn’t even sleep because I would have to get up so much, so it has been a crazy week.  I am hoping it is over now!

Sunday: Nothing really happened we just went to church! and then I got sick and started throwing up and well the mission nurse made me to go home and sleep so I did like all day!

Monday: The same thing as always, just doing the verifications of the zone leaders and then we had to stay a little late in the offices to get all of our stuff ready to go for the week with all the interviews!!!! Then we had a visit with Jorge, who was baptized this Friday!!!! And then went home!!!!

Tuesday: We started out by driving to Ibarra! We had our interviews there until about 8:30 at night but then we figured out that we had no place to sleep for me and my companion, so we had to drive a good way to the Imbabura zone and then we stayed there!

Wednesday: We had interviews with the Imbabura zone!!! It was good, but it was just the same thing!! Train, be sick and sleep at night!!!!!!

Thursday: We had interviews with the Otavalo zones and that was still the same thing! Just training, being sick and sleeping, but we did get to go to this place called ‘Plaza de Ponchos’ which is like a huge art place that they have in Otavalo. I bought a duffle bag for 10 bucks! Pretty cool!!!!!

Friday: We got up and the President picked us up and took us to play tennis with his wife and daughter. It was fun! We played for like an hour and then we had to go to Cotacachi to pick some bookmarks up that the President had made for those who go to there house! He was asking me which kind I wanted because the ones that he was buying are for my group! Hahaha that is crazy! He was making me sooo trunky!!!!! Then we drove home and me and Elder Miranda went straight to the house to pick up our baptism clothes for Jorge and for Jarbey, who baptized him!!! Then we went straight to the church building!!!! It was a good baptism! Jorge has a cool testimony!
 The cool thing here about baptizing in Quito is that when people get baptized they have to really know what they are getting themselves into. This guy that we Baptized is super funny because he is super ADHD!!! It is sooo hard for him to sit at church, but he knows it is all true so he knows he has to but it practically kills him!!!!! I die laughing every time I see him at church!!!!! But yeah it was really cool! And his mom came to the baptism and we have a visit with her today at 7:00!!!!! I am pumped!!!! But yeah then after that we went and tried to visit some of our other converts but they were not there!!!! Oh well, we will probably try to visit them today!!! There is another lady that we have been visiting named Marina, who is about 65 or 70 years old and is sooo nice!!!!!! And she loves when we visit her!!! And you know that I have a soft spot for the old ladies!!!!! I love talking to old people!

Saturday: The morning started out a little crazy by finding out that some of our zone leaders had gotten home at about 10:30 at night, when they should be home at 9:00, and yeah it was this whole big deal because a bunch of missionaries saw them out so late and we had to go talk to all of them to make sure that they understand that it was not ok. Then the President talked to them over the phone and yeah it was really good and then after that we went back to the house and tried to study for a little while, but then there was a earthquak… I don’t know how to spell that... but yeah it was pretty big so we had to call ALL the missionaries and make sure they where ok! And yeah everyone was fine, but it did scare the hell out of me because we felt it pretty strong and we were on the 5th floor of our building and I could see the whole building moving a lot!!!! When that was over we went and played soccer and then came back and took a shower and went to go pick up my shoes that I had to send it to be fixed.  But the guy still hadn’t done them yet, so that was annoying.  I hate when people don’t complete their jobs! I try sooooo hard to complete what I am supposed to and I know I am not perfect at all and I let people down a lot too, but I always get sooo frustrated when people seem like they aren’t even putting effort in to doing their jobs!! Anyways, hopefully those will be done eventually because the President was getting on me about them.  Then I had lunch and ate chicken and now I am emailing home!

         How is everyone at home?! I miss everyone! Everything is good here and I survived the earthquake! So that’s good. 
These are pictures from the baptism of Jorge!


Love, Christian