Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week #93


Hey, this week:

Well, we trained in Quito Este Zone and then just started getting ready for the mission council that we have in two weeks! haha the truth is that there is not much to talk about!

We had a few things happen with missionaries having trouble this week, and it was really eye opening for me.  Since we are the assistants we have to go and investigate when things get reported that missionaries are doing and if we ever find what we are looking for then we are supposed to report to the President.  Well, that is what has opened my eyes so much.  At first when it would happen I would feel like the President would be maybe relieved that we found what we were looking for, but if anything ever goes wrong with missionaries obedience then the President will cry instead.  It is such a great example to me of pure love. He loves the missionaries all so much and wants them to do their best and become their best. 

Oh wait and we met this member from Bolivia who lives here and is super less active and he invited us over to his house and he lives in this 3 story house with 3 spas and 4 hot tubs and he lives alone!!! It was crazy but super cool! And then he went with us to visit another inactive sister in our ward named sister Gallegos who doesn’t go to church because she is sickly and the last week we had the young men take her the sacrament and then when we showed up to visit her today she started to cry and thank us because it had been more then a year since she had taken the sacrament and she made us lunch today! It was super cool!!!! I love old ladys!!!!

As far as being sick I’m not sick anymore!! I feel great! I ran once this week, which was nice!!!! But my knee is going to be a problem! We will have to see how to fix it when I get back!!! 

And you asked if we see the news ever... no ... but the pres. wife always tells me about things and it soooo sad that that stuff is going on in the world!!!! If I didn’t want a family so bad and to be with them I would want to join the military so bad!


This is Marina Gallegos the woman who fed us lunch today that I love!!