Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week #74

April 7, 2014

·      This was a pretty good week but kind of hard too. I had to switch companions again.  I was with Elder Pinta and I LOVED being with him, but that sorry sucker got changed and I got a new one named Elder Acevedo.  He is pretty cool.  He is from Perú and we get along well but I miss being with Elder Pinta.  We worked really well together.  We are also with Elder Mazarelli. 
·      Other than that this has been a normal week.  Elder Acevedo has a sickness that makes it so he has to eat in a very certain way.  It is teaching me a lot.
·      Also we had General Conference this week which was sweet! I got to watch it in English.  I miss English so much even though I am way better at Spanish! 
·      Oh and I got a sweater from my parents! It is so perfect! It is from a thrift store and it made me laugh when it got here because it still smelled like smoke! I love it (: haha I am learning to get better with my money but I still suck!
·      There is a homeless man who jumps the fence of the vacant lot next to my house and poops every single morning and in the morning I tried to get him to leave and I ended up actually pouring water on him and he didn’t even move! I think he must be really crazy. 

·      I am super happy.  I love my mission. 

 Our zone has more sisters than Elders! It is so weird!!!
 This was at our Zone council meeting!
 This is Elder Pinta, me and Elder Cedeño!
This is Elder Pinta and I!