Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week #76

April 21, 2014

        I can now do 100 pushups without stopping!!!! hahaha but that doesn’t really give you bigger muscles apparently, which sucks!!!!! Anyways this week I baptized two little girls!!!! One is Samantha and the other is Diana. They are both pretty cute! We activated their family!!!!! I am like a pro at activating people here!!!! hahaha I have been pretty blessed here.
       I get along well with my comp! I have learned in my mission that I can get alone with ANYONE!!!! No joke I have really just learned put up with the hardest people in the world!!!      

Monday- we had p-day together as a zone but not everyone went so it sucked and then I didn’t have much time to clean or anything in the house or buy food so we were kind of screwed with that all week.

Tuesday- ummmm I don’t really remember what I did Tuesday..... i think it was like a normal day... oh yeah i remember. We had to help put a bunch of new stuff in the new house we found. They are going to divide my sector in two in a couple weeks. I cut my hand pretty bad and got blood all over my shirt!

 Wednesday- I planned in the morning with my comp.. We talk about ways to get better the trust of our zone and we decided that we are going to make them breakfast and take it to all of their houses. It will be a busy week this next week because of all the plans we made. Then we taught a bunch of lessons.  The most important one was with the family Rosado. Those are the parents of the two little girls that were baptized. They were really cool!!!

Thursday- We had a zone meeting in the morning and it was pretty good. We have a new district leader in my zone and he has like 23 months in the mission and is kind of ready to go home I think.  We played red rover to show the importance of working with the members. I always do little activities as examples. Mostly because its fun though. Then we found a really cool family of 4 people who have a baptismal date for the 3rd of next month. They have already come to church 2 times!!!! The son is the one who showed us to his family. He is a hard-core drug addict!!! But you know I love to baptize the hardest ones. The mother gave me some sardine mush and rice to eat! It was pretty gross!!!!!

Friday- We gave a tour of the church to the family we found Thursday. They loved it! We taught another family name the Arrollo family. They helped us get to know another family that might be pretty good. We also taught another family that is super cool and have a goal of baptism for the 10th of the next month! The Pardo family!!!!!! They also have gone to church a few times!!!!! They are not married yet though, so that will be their challenge!!!!!

Saturday- BAPTISED 2!!!!!!! The little girls where baptized by there uncle! hahaha the guy is super funny!! He has like all these made up bad words!! He like mixes all of the really bad words up and makes them into other words!!!! Then the family of the little girls attended church for the 5th time and became rescued. They are super cool!!!! In the testimonies of the little girls they said they wanted to marry returned missionaries and the mom kept trying to tell me to send Hyrum over here when they are older!!!!

 Sunday- in the morning we got super lucky because a member of the church told us that we could have breakfast in their house and that we could invite 6 investigators to eat with us and then he would drive us all to church. We did it!!!! We took the pardo family and the other family with the drug addict!!!!! They all went to church with us and they loved it!! It was a special conference from Salt Lake City!! It was pretty cool. It talked a ton about the family. After, we taught a few lessons and tried our hardest to find some new people but it didn’t work out. Sometimes I get bored just doing normal contacts too I like to mix it up a little. Like by telling them we are angels and that God has sent us to find and help them. Or just straight up kind of lie and agree if they argue hardcore.  Like I met some guy who is a communist who doesn’t believe in God and he was like trying to show us how the bible was not perfect and I just told him I agreed and he didn’t really know what to say so he shut the door on me!!!! It was pretty funny!!!!!! Then we went home and slept!!