Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week # 73

March 31, 2014

·      Oh yeah so this week was pretty good until yesterday but I will tell you about the whole week.

·      MONDAY: I had a normal p-day and we didn’t do much other than Elder Pinta got a third compañero named Elder Masarelli from Chile!

·      TUESDAY: Well this day Elder Pinta went with Elder Smith to his area while Elder Smith waited for his new companion to get there so I stayed with just Elder Masarelli. We went to go find a house for some new missionaries that are going to come to the zone. We finally found one and I talked to the lady and she said it was good to go.  I told the president and he said that it was fine and so we rented it. They said they were going to move in the next day so we had to get it ready. So me and my companion cleaned it and painted it and it was all good to go, and they still haven’t moved in. oh well haha. It was pretty nice to get dirty again. I miss working and being sweaty and filthy. That’s going to be sooo nice!!!
·      Then in the night we went to teach one family that is a less active family who hadn’t gone to church in over 4 years and well lets just say that it was a really good lesson and they came to church this week!

·      WENDSDAY: Well in the morning we had to plan for the week!! That was pretty fun! Then I got a call from the secretary saying that 11 missionaries were going to be coming to my house and that we had to clean it. My house is known as the hotel because it is a huge department and we have like 11 beds. You will see the video when it gets there but yeah its way cool. It kind of sucks because tons of people come all the time and eat all of my food and drink my milk which makes me mad. Then at night we went and taught a family who the only the kids are members and the parents aren’t and well, they decided they want to get married and baptized on the 19 which is way cool.  They are a cool family. The Arrollo family.

·      THURSDAY: Well this day was pretty normal and we really didn’t do anything exciting other than a tour of the church with the Rosado family (the less actives from the other day). Then all of these guys came to our house to be able to go to a meeting the next day.

·      FRIDAY: Well we went to a meeting in the morning with the whole zone and the president asked me to train on giving tours and that was fun. I love to train and the president always asks me to do it. I feel really good when I am teaching and everyone gets what I am trying to say. I was told by the President that I speak the best Spanish out of any of the North Americans in my mission, which I felt pretty good about! I have never been told anything like that about English! Haha Not even close!! Then, at night we taught a few lessons.

·      SATURDAY: This was a good day because at night we taught the Arrollo family again and they are way excited. They gave us the license and all the stuff to marry them. That was pretty cool. Then we went and taught another kid named Jesus who also wants to get baptized the 12 of April. He is a cool kid. He is only 16. I think he will be really cool.

·      SUNDAY: We went to go get the Arollo family to go to church and they weren’t in the house and then we went to the church and they weren’t there either and when I called him he had said he had to go to work which sucked and they couldn’t come.  But there were 10 people who went to church that we had never even met. We were really blessed. I feel like we just kept getting blessed this week.

          This is our last baptism! All of the parents of these kids are non actives and one is an investigator.