Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week #72

March 24, 2014

·      Now we have an Elder from Chile! He was in Venezuela serving but the things got so bad there with the country that they took out all of the missionaries who where not from there!
 Then he got sent here!! He has 10 months in his mission so it is pretty much the same time as when I got switched to Ecuador!

·      I am super happy! My zone baptized seven people this week.  It looks like we will finish with thirteen baptisms.  We are going to break the zone record! 
·      Also, the President told me that he is happy that I am here and that he needed me.  I had a hard time when I had to switch missions so hearing things like that make me feel really good.  I like knowing that he wants me here. 
·      So what else can I tell you? I have about eight months left now! It is crazy to think that my mission has gone by so freaking fast!!

·      Oh yeah! I did have something weird happen this week! I got hexed! Like a curse!!! hahaha this like crazy old lady came up behind me and tried to kiss me on the mouth and I had to like fight her off. hahaha and then she got mad because I wouldn’t let her kiss me and she cursed me and my eye got all swollen up and I was like super tired and all the members saw me and said I was cursed so they gave me a blessing and it went away really fast!!!!! It is my right eye!!! It’s way red still! So, yeah that was like voodoo stuff. But I feel a lot better now! The weird thing was not even my eye it was just that it made me freaking really tired! Like I fell asleep during the lesson!!

 This is a cake that I made for the sisters as a reward because they taught 10 lessons in one day! I was pretty proud of it!
 This is my apartment!
 This is me right before church! My right eye is still a little bit red!
 I got my hair cut this week by an actual gay guy! Can you tell?!