Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #71

March 17, 2014

Everything is good! My week has been good! It looks like my zone is going to baptize more then 30 people this month!!!! And I have visited every single missionary from my zone this week! We have been working like crazy!! I really do love my comp I think he might be as good as elder Uribe! I really love him!!! He is soooooo much fun to be with!!!!
Oh and I made some girl from my zone cry on that phone when she was giving me the report from the week! hahaha and I thought she was like really sad and I felt bad like I had done something to make her cry because I was being pretty blunt about how her week had sucked and how she had been kind of lazy. but yeah I figured out she only wanted to have permission to go to the downtown part of Quito on p day! haha she totally took advantage of me! hahahaah I am such a softy for crying!
 I have a zone of almost all sisters. There are 4 elders including me and my comp and there are 14 sisters. which is kind of weird for me because I have put up like that most hard core anti-girl wall from being in the jungle and having so many girls try to get me to fall. I just like stopped talking to any girls. Now I have to talk to them and like be nice to them and even like be there friend.
I am not tempted or anything but I don’t know its been really hard for me to because I like to yell and make fun of and be really hard on the missionaries to motivate them, but with them I cant be like that at all because they are girls!!! Oh well, I guess I needed to learn that!!
We had those baptisms this week which was cool! The one kid named Dario is 12 years old and is the funniest! In his interview when they asked him about the law of chastity he gave us the weirdest look and was like “look here, I don’t get into that.”  He seemed disgusted that we had even asked. hahahahaha I almost died from laughing so hard.  he is a funny kid for being only 12. Then the other is named Paulo who is 17 and he had the coolest testimony when he shared with everyone at the baptism. He was like " Well thank to my mom and my aunt and the elders who have taught me so much, but I didn’t get baptized for them.... I was baptized because I prayed and asked God and I know it is the truth" and started crying!!!! It was pretty cool!!! He is a super cool kid!!!! I want to keep working with the missionaries when we get home!! I feel like I am always going to want to teach!  

 This was our baptism! They were children of less active members and we started visiting them and were able to baptise their kids and get them coming back to church! !!!
This is the biggest backpack I have ever seen!!!!!