Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week # 70

March, 3, 2014

Well, this was a CRAZY week! The mission is sending home 15 missionaries early! for the last three days I have been up until about 1 or 2 every morning because I was helping the President. I am sooooo glad I have been obedient!!!! I feel sooo good about being a good missionary. hahaha but yeah its alll over now and the bad ones all went home!!!
Yeah that was pretty much all that happened this week. We were also going to baptize a kid but when we got to his house his mom told us that he had left really early in the morning stealing her cell phone and then never came back. I was pretty sad when I heard that but oh well I guess things like that happen.
The mission really is so cool Emily and you get soooo many cool stories! I thought I would like hate the idea of all the rules but it is weird how I don’t feel at all restricted for anything. I just want to do good so i don’t even have temptations to break the rules.
It has been sooo freaking cold here and I only have one little sweater which sucks because it just gets wet and then makes me colder. It has been raining all the time!! It doesn’t really rain hard just like freezing cold!!!! As far as my pants, I am having them made for me!!!! They will be done Friday!!! I’m pumped!!!! I really needed them!!!  
 Oh yeah and the rash hand thing is just starting to go away!! I was going to go to the doctor but i didn’t have time so I didn’t go. Plus he was just going to give me some cream and charge the church a bunch of money!
Oh yeah and right now we are in a time called carnival Gere in Ecuador with means that everyone is in like a all out 3 day water fight with the whole country! They like drive by in trucks and dump buckets full of water onto you and spray you with like this foam stuff! It’s pretty fun!! hahah but it sucks because its freezing cold here!!!!
         I am loving it here!

 This is Elder Pinta and I! And then one of us on the sign! And then one of just me!
 This is us way tired at night on the bus!
This is one of the times they got us on the bus! haha Part of the carnival that I was talking about.