Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #62 It's Finally 2014!!!

January-6-14 It's Finally 2014!

I was thinking about my goals for this year..... and the truth is that all of my goals for this year are things from the mission and like moral things. 

     1. I want to find the best way to have a zone that stays constant with the number of baptisms it has. I'm      going to discover what a zone need to do to be able to get a ton ever month. 
2. Do excerises everyday and gain weight with muscle. 
3.Stop all of my bad habits like drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of sugar. I figure the best place to learn to drop that stuff is here in the mission. 
4. Do everthing I can to be a better person, husband and father later! I mean I know I can't make money right now and I can't like go studdy but I can perfect myself. That is my biggest goal. Just to be the best I can be!

 hmmmmmm what other goals should i put!?

Oh yeah and now I'm with Elder Peacock and he is the best!!! We get along really well!!!!! hahahaha He is super funny and since we have the same time in the mission we know like the same stuff! It's really cool! Him and I teach some sweet lessons together! hahahah It's really funny because the assistant to the President is getting changed the next change in the next transfer and everyone in the whole mission says that it will be me or Peacock... hahahahaha and we have been talking the other one up hard core to the President soo that we don't get put, but that the other one gets put!! hahaha So we are like fighting to not be the assistant!! ahahahahaha He is really cool though! I was soooo glad to get a new companion! (:  So this month my zone is going to suck!! We are not even going to baptise half of what we did last month!!!!! So that's going to suck but I guess there are always ups and downs! We are still going to do our best to share the Lord's message and plan! 

This week there was a zone conference in Iquitos for all of the Zone Leaders and some of the sister missionaries!