Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #63

January 13, 2014 

Well my week was good!!!!!! I am having a blast with Elder Peacock! hahahaha Him and I get along great!!!! And we are going to baptise a bunch of people next month!!! We teach really well together! It's really cool, but it's hard to be here as two white guys because people just straightup come up to us all the time asking for money! 

We had one guy yesterday say that he wanted to get baptised but only if we will take him to the United States. So that does suck a little, but we found another guy who speakes perfect English and he is super pumped about getting baptised and his son too!! Other than that we are going to baptise one more guy from the Tipto family.  Their 27 year old son who is super cool, but is super stubborn.  Well he was, but now he wants to get baptised so it's all good.   Then there is another lady who has been going to church for like two yaers but couldn't get married because her husband was in jail.  Now he is out though, so she can finally get married.

We taught like a thousand lessons this week.  It's sooo nice to be with someone else that likes to work hard!!!!!  Oh also it was way cool because this week there were 5 young men that I had baptised that got the preisthood and all got callings to be the priest quorum president and the teachers quorum president and the deacons quorum president etc.!! I literally like baptised the whole young mens program!!!!! It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cool to see!!!!!
Yeah, that's pretty much my whole week!!! 

Elder Christian Burleson