Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is Emily writing.  This week was an interesting one for Christian.  He has been moved to a new mission due to circumstances out of his control.  He is now serving in the Ecuador Quito North Mission.  I have seen Christian go through a lot of different trials, and I know this is just another one on the road of making him a stronger man.  He can handle it if anyone can, but I am sure it is going to be a hard adjustment.  Perú had become a sort of home to him, and he was ripped out of it pretty quickly, without much time to expect it or say goodbye.  I am sure your prayers will help him adjust.  He will get right back on track (:  Plus, he is the only missionary I know that has served in 3 missions now, so that is a pretty cool story to tell! And we all know how much Christian likes to tell stories that make himself sound cool (:!
I saw a quote this week and I couldn't help but think of Christian and everything he is going through.  It said

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”
I know Christian loved his work and the people that he was with in Perú, and I know that he was an amazing leader there.  In a way Perú might have become a type of harbor for him.  Maybe his work there was done, because he is so amazing he is the type of leader and man that will be able to effect things to a large extent wherever he goes.  Ecuador needs him now.  His mission President, Christian, and everyone who loves him cannot do anything except wonder why.  I think it is important to pray and try to feel at ease, because everything is on God's time and God's reasoning.  There is obviously a purpose greater than we know.  

Side note: I thought this quote was kind of funny too haha. And I like it.  

“Serve every day of your mission in such a way that when you get out of bed every morning, Satan says, ‘Oh no…HE’S AWAKE!’”

       Yeah, wow it was a really long week!!! hahahah but I'm here now so I guess I just have to do my best!!!! I am in Quito in the aria Carapugo! hahahha It is straight city wich makes me hate it with my whole heart but i know it is where I should be! hahaha but it sucks sooo bad!!!!! I no joke emily feel like God has humbled me more then any other missionary in the world!! He just wants to let me know that I am nothing without him! I guess that is probably good too that I am getting more humble! 
        Emily it sucked sooooooooooo freaking bad my last day in peru when I went into the office of the President to take my card off of the board. (There is a board that the president has to see where the missionaries are and to do the changes.) and he had already done all of the changes and I was looking for my card but I didn't see it where it should have been. He had moved it to the spot where the assistant to the pres goes. Which means that if i would have stayed in my mission I would have been called to be the new assistant. Which made me really sad!!!!! 
        My comp is elder garcia from Guatemala. My ward here is huge!! I felt like I was in the states again on Sunday! It is just like a normal city here!!!!!! KILL ME!!!!!!! hahaha jk I don't want to die but it does suck!.......... but I do feel better now that I got to write home!!!!!!! 
       My whole zone came to let me off in the airport and they alllllll told me that I was the best leader they had ever had!!!! They all cried just as much a i did!!! hahahah I will send you the picture!!!!! 
      Love, Christian 

This is my zone when they went to say Bye to me at the airport! Dang I miss them! 

This is my last companion in Perú, Elder Peacock, and the sisters from our zone.
 This is my new companion, Elder Garcia from Guatamala.