Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week #100

October 11, 2014

Hey there!!!!!!! ooooooooh myyyyyyy i miss you soooo much!!!!

 So i will start out by answering your questions because you always say I don't answer anything... 

1. My week was pretty good. but pretty boring to talk about!!!!!! I didn't travel. We had the mission council, which turned out really good!!!!!! We trained about leaving legends. As far as my change that is coming up the President has not told me anything.  I was hoping he would say something to me in my weekly letter but he didn't even write me that sorry sucker!!!! 

2.  Well my knee is pretty much the same!!! I have not been running just jumping rope so I have had not problems with it recently. and my other health problems are great!!!! as good as ever!!!! the stuff the nurse gave me helped a lot. 

3. Elder Miranda does not go home for a long time!!!!! So he will still be here even if I get changed.  I have been having a hard time with him.  We are going about two weeks where we only talk about the work, nothing else.  I know that I am kind of fighting fire with fire, but it is really hard to talk about anything else between us.  It is hard for me not to talk, but he doesn't want to and I go crazy and end up talking outloud just to myself! haha 

4.  Tell Allison that if she cuts all of her hair off I will KILL her!

5. Tell my Dad that I have been learning that song already!! Tell him "cuando cuando cuando yo llege a la casa le voy a cantar las canciones de amor mas dulces que jamas han habio"

6.  Overall, I am good! I am trying so hard to focus on the work and I have done pretty well! 

This week I had to see the last testimony of Elder Pinta who is like my best friend in the mission. That was the first time that I had cried with tears for a long time!!!! It was super sad! But he said to will go to the states to live. and I think he is telling the truth!!!! but yeah that was sad!!!! 
Today I got the papers from our Mission Secretary that I have to fill out so she can buy me a ticket to go home!!!! That's soo freaking crazy!!!!! I can't believe that in 7 weeks I will be there!!!

Ok my week,

Monday: I did all the verificasions with the zoneleaders and then started on the councle!!!! we have a ton of things we have to figure out every month!!!!! it always takes us forever!!!!!! so yeah from like 4 in the afternoon untill 12:30 in the morning we were at the computer figuring those things out!!!! oh and just to let you know i am way better with the computer! but i still suck compared to other people but yeah i know a lot more now!!!!! and yeah that was what we did allll day!! just getting ready for the councle.

Tuesday: started the day out early with the mission coucle wich turned out really well!!!!! i feel weird to know that in the next one i will be giving my testimony! it is crazy to think that it is almost over!!!! but anyways if i get the change that i want i wont even go the the missin councle because i wont be a zone leader, just a trainer!!!! but we will see!!!!! then that finished at around 8:00 at night and we cleaned up the building and then went home! i have been pretty tired ever since then.

Wednesday: i was in the offices even though i didnt have much to do but i have to be there until at least 6 and then i left to work and had no visits all night!!!!!! hahaha just walked in the rain!!!! oh yeah it has been raining a lot these days!!!!!! and it has been pretty cold!!!!! and yeah we talked to a bunch of people but no one was really ready to listen yet and that is how we finished the day!

Thursday: we went to the district meeting of the misisonarys in the Ofelia zone! i just went to watch to make sure they are doing alright! and i could tell that they were doing a good job!! i also went because some of the missionaries from there zone told on the zone leaders for breaking the rule on playing soccer and yeah i talked to them and they had to ask forgivness in frond of all 35 missinoarys in there zone. they didnt like it much but it was good.

Friday: we were in the offices until 6 getting ready for the next month with all of our trainings and all that stuff. then at night we had a visit with a guy named Bolivar and it was pretty good but the bad thing is that there were some Ex-members of the church there and they where pretty nice, but they were for sure jacked up in their brains!! they joined some group called John 23 which is named after a pope and yeah they are crazy!!!!! hahaha anyways i wrecked the guy with his own bible!!!!! and i did with love and by the end he was just pissed because i made him look dumb and he left. oops! but yeah it was good!!!

Today: got up and washed my clothes and then studied!!!! and then we went to buy food!!!! and then we cleaned the house really good!!!!!! then we made lunch and then came here to write!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to hear from home but I am nervous to come home!!! 

Elder Burleson