Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Friday, May 30, 2014

Week # 81

May 30, 2015

Well this week I have been pretty much the whole time in otavalo!!! and another place called ibarra! and it was super super cool!!!!! I really started to see the benefits of being the assistant!!! For example when we are traveling the president will sometimes pay for the food and he some time takes us to really nice places!!!! For example on Tuesday he took us to the hotel restaurant and I got sea bass with passion fruit salsa..... and it was soooooo good!!! It sounds really gay, but it is really good!!!!!  
Then in the morning the president went to pick me up from the missionaries house where I was staying and took us back to the hotel and i didn’t know what we were going to do but he told us to change into like p-day clothes and he took us to a tennis court!! The president is a huge tennis fan!!!!! hahaha and he let us play for like 2 hours with him even thought it was not p-day!! He said he likes to play hard and also work hard!!!!!! And its true!! It was nice to be able to play with him!!!
Then just everyday this week I have been training!!! There are two trainings everyday and each training is about 4 to 4 1/2 hours so like 8 to 9 hours a day just training!!! It is super fun but it is also really tiring!!!!! I am getting better at it!!!! We finished all of the interviews now we are going to have the mission councils with all the leaders and then also the zone conferences!!! There is a lot to do!!!!!
When it was night I got to stay in the hotel with the president because his wife didn’t come and he doesn’t like to be alone and it was sooooooooooo nice!! It is right on the lake like those pictures I sent you guys!!!! It was sooo cool and plus it was cool to get to know better the president! He is a super cool guy and I get along well with him!!!!! He is one of the most loving people I have ever met!!! And yeah then we had trainings until yesterday when we got back to Quito at about 930 PM and then just went to sleep!!!!!

That is pretty much it though!

 President Richardson and Elder Miranda and I
 Elder Thomas, me, Elder miranda (my companions)  We are in esmereldas
 This is Otavalo and the two volcanoes that it is between.
 this is the hotel we stayed at

 this is the lake san pablo and the volcano imbabura