Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week # 79

May 17th, 2014 

It was soooo good to see everyone! Seeing everyone move and respond to me and stuff always reminds me how real it is! I miss you guys.  I wished I had more time but it was still so nice. 
That is super scary that the fire is getting so close to your guys city!!!!! It’s so crazy to think that houses have probable burned down and that stuff like that actually happens. Natural Disasters here really scare me in Peru pretty much nothing ever happens there, but here in Ecuador I am surrounded by 6 volcanoes.... 4 of which are active!!! hahaha it freaks me out because if one goes off then they all go off. hahaah but I know it won’t happen while I’m here because my patriarchal (or “me partiarcle” if you are Christian) blessing says I will have a life after the mission!!!
hmmmmmm and my week.....

Monday:  I just did the same thing we will always have to do on Mondays; and that is verifying all the zones and make sure they are working well!!! The best zone right now it the whole mission is still that one that I just left.  Then pretty much all the other zones are sucking right now!!!!! hahaha and then at night we got to work in our sector for one hour which was nice but nothing happened...

Tuesday: This was a really cool day!!! We went to the president’s house at 7:30 in the morning and then made a 5-hour road trip to Esmeraldas on the coast.  It was because we had to go to interview the missionaries over there. It was soooooooo cool Emily to be where it was hot again. I was soooo feaking happy to get out of the cold city and get into the warm coast. The drive was soooooo pretty because it was a lot like the jungle in Peru. That night we interviewed one of the zones and then we stayed the night in the house of the zone leaders. The bed they gave me to sleep on was freaking grossssssss!!! I learned a lesson: always bring extra sheets! hahahaah no joke Em you know that I NEVER get grossed out by anything but this mattress looked like they got it right off of the road. It was like wet and I got sssoooooooooooooooooo many flee bites!!!!!! hahahahaahah it was not a good night of sleep!!!

Wednesday: I got up early and went to play a little bit of soccer with zone leaders and my knee was a little better. Talking about my knee, the nurse of the mission said she was going to get me a brace... so I think that will help. Anyways after that we went back to house and showered and went to the church and interviewed the other zone. Then when we were done we just packed up and went to eat lunch and then I saw the real benefit of being the assistant because the president after lunch took us to a really cool place. It was like this super cool ocean lookout. It was soooo freaaking pretty Em you don’t even know.. The ocean reminds me soooooooooo much of you and me!!!! I love going to the beach with you!!!!! It made me miss you like crazy!!!!!  Then after that we drove home and got there at about 9:30 at night. It was a good day!!

Thursday: We had more interviews in the Calderon zone. It took ALL day because it’s a huge zone.....  And then it was the night..... haha that was really my whole day...

Friday: ahahaha well.... we interviewed the ofelia zone... ALL day hahaah the same thing all over again.  The funny thing that happened though was at night the guys I was with decided they wanted to give me my welcome into the offices. Well lets just say that there are 4 of them and one of me in the house and they put me in the shower and soaked me with cold water but I took one of them down with me and the other ones I got back little by little as the night went on. One I waited for like 20 minutes until he got out of the bathroom and I soaked him right there and another one I just got him in the hall and one I got while he was sleeping!!! I got him with a huge bucket of water hahahaahha it was sooooo funny!!!!!! It was a good night!!!! 

Saturday: Well I got up in the morning also very happy because I get to write you…hhah and Then we studied which was nice and then we went shopping for food and spent all together 105 $ on food. That’s the nice thing about having 5 in the same house is that we can get more food and split it. Then we went to a mall because I was gong to buy a new suit buuuuut I actually don’t have money hahaha I am so terrible with money I know! I guess I just get my dirty one for another week. The problem is that I have to wear a suit everyday now since I am in the offices and there is never time to wash it.... hahaha and yeah, I bought a few things. I started out the day with 100$ and now I don’t know what happened because I only have 40.... let me think.
  • ·        30 for food in the morning.
  • ·      Then 15 buying stuff for my office
  • ·      then burgerking for $8...
  • ·      and then 2 for a ice cream.....

Wow I guess that is $60 wow I suck!!! hahahah really that was really fast. But they were all things that needed. I am going to be screwed this month Em!! hahaha oh well I will figure it out! I always do!!!! I need you to make me like a budget!! hahaah I suck at doing that stuff!!!!!!

All in all I am good darling!!!!!! My comps are pretty good!!! Elder Thomas is a good missionary!! He is really obedient! And a good speaker. My other companion Elder Miranda is a good missionary as well.  I am pretty tired of giving the same training but it doesn’t matter because I still have to do it like 10 more times!! hahahaha but I guess it is fun in a way to get to train the whole mission!!! I like teaching missionaries just as much as I like teaching investigators!!!!!

Love, Christian