Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week #20

Week #20 April 8th!

My zone is Comas and my area is Retablo in Lima!! Hahahaha

Well, this week was pretty good!! We have been working like crazy this week!!!! I have been studying like a mad man too because I feel bad when my comp teaches more then me so I have been practicing like crazy!! I always practice with my camera so that I can watch myself, which is like freaking torture for me because I hate my voice!! I don’t understand at all why anyone can stand to listen to me!! hahah we had pretty good luck!! For example we had conference yesterday.  After we went to work and found two new families from knocking doors! One of them has real potential to progress!! It was good to find two in one day!! But yeah conference was freaking amazing!! I got to watch it in English with the other gringos! Oh and I finished 5 months yesterday!!! Dang I am really doing it!!! hahahaha so we pretty much have zero baptisms planed right now!!! It freaking sucks but our investigators isn’t really progressing!!! I just wanted to punch the labajos family when we went to there house to try and bring them to the church and they said they where to busy doing house work!!!! hahahahaha I mean I don’t expect them to just change it all over night but I do want them to show interest!! I know numbers don’t matter, I just hate when the zone leaders burn me when our numbers are low like I’m not working but I work harder than anyone in our zone and I just cant baptize anyone!! hahaha but that’s alright I know for a fact I am doing the right thing!! Love, Christian