Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #105

November 17th, 2014!!!

Hey there!!!!!
I hope you are excited I am coming home, because I am!!!! But I am sooo freaking scared!!! It’s going to be like going into a new world! hahahah nothing will ever be the same again!!!! Life will be super different and I will be all like used to South America and not at all to the states and I wont be able to talk to the people about the gospel the same way I used to do and I will just be like working and doing school! Crazy! I am super excited!!!!
Oh yeah and my week!!!!

hahahahaha I have freaking killed myself working this week! I have been walking everywhere and talking to literally every single family I see!!!!! This week I have talked to 35 different families, which is way more than I have done and than most missionaries usually do.  I have been talking a lot! haha. Yeah I feel really good about it! I also talked in sacrament meeting about the members and how they have to help the missionaries be obedient to have blessings and if they keep tempting them then they were not going to have missionaries here anymore. And yeah they seemed like they were all super receptive.

So Monday. We finished writing and then we went on divisions to visit two different families and it was really good! I got to teach this older couple and they were really funny because they always fight!!!!! And they just like bicker and then they would kiss each other on the lips!!!! I love old people love!!!! It’s sooooo cute!!!! and yeah that is how we ended the night!

Tuesday: a good long day of work! I did divisions with a missionary named Elder Williams who was one of the missionaries who went to Colombia and it was really good! I could see that he is trying really hard to do well. The sad part is that while we were there some 13 year old girl called me saying that her cozen had died and that we needed to go help and so we went over there and it was true. They were doing the funeral for her and let me say that catholic funerals are horrible!!!! They have like this huge bloody Christ on a cross and everyone just like screams. And the saddest part was seeing the mom who they took us straight to and I tried to talk to her and she just screamed and screamed and I couldn’t say anything and she was screaming and begging for me to kill her.... she said that she just wanted to die. I couldn’t help but cry too Em I felt soooooo bad for her. I just wanted to fix it all but I couldn’t do anything. I HATE when I can’t do anything to help people. hahaha I have gotten better on my mission with accepting that I can’t always do everything for everyone, but I still try and yeah I just had to leave after like 30 min but we did calm her down reading her scriptures, which helped.

Wednesday: hahahah another day of hard freaking work!!!! hahaha I guess the most exciting is that we were able to talk to the montilla family, who are going to be baptized soon.  They just need to be married and they will be good! But they were lame because they did not come to church this week.

Thursday: We had to get up at 5 in the morning to go to Ibarra for the district meeting!!! Then we got home at 7 at night! It’s a long freaking trip! but the cool part is that on the bus we are allowed to see movies and yeah that is pretty cool until they put on bad movies, then it freaking sucks!!!!! At night we just ended up contacting (talking to people in the street) and we did well. hahaha that was it.

Friday: we went back to teach the family who their daughter had died and it was super sad because the mom was like just sitting there like a zombie not saying anything at all this time. and yeah then we did a service with that same family that I taught Monday, who are old and yeah we build ruff (roof hahahahahahaahah I have to leave that typo because it’s funny) on their bathroom which they did not have before.  I don’t know how they lived because it’s super freaking cold here all the time!!!! but yeah that was fun. The only bad part is that the was they make ruffes here is by using these really heavy ceramic shingles and they are heavy, but not strong because while I was trying to also fix a hole they had in the ruff I was like walking out on the ruff and one broke and I fell a little through and then another one broke and then I fell a little more through and then I got out and broke a few more and so while we fixed the ruff of the bathroom, I wrecked the ruff of the house and I had to fix it all after!!!! hahah it was pretty funny!!!!! hahaha but yeah that we the most exciting of the day!

Saturday: we worked a lot with little outcome! hahaha but we did have a blessing in the night time finding a family called the Roser Maldonado family, who are super cool. They live one floor under us in the same building and we taught them and then they went to church on Sunday! Really cool family!!!!

Sunday: I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and I talked about the missionary rules and it was really good! I felt like it helped to have them know what our rules are so they can help the missionaries be obedient. That was my talk and then we had lunch and then went top work, but with little success. But we worked our butts off!!! I feel like I have been doing everything possible and I feel good about it!

That was my week! hahaha it was a good one and like I said I am super happy! and it is freaking crazy to think that I will only have 2 more Sundays officially with a name tag. Isn’t that weird!? It is for me!!! but I am super happy!!!!

Oh by the way even though I probably have tons of parasites, nobody needs to worry because there isn’t any Ebola in Ecuador! So you are safe! Haha


P.S. Yeah those aren’t my jeans in that picture you are right! That’s why they are baggy! I don’t have any jeans anymore because I gave them away!!! I think you will actually be kind of surprised about all the stuff that I have given away!!!! hahahaha I know its bad but I just know that there are other people who need it more!!!! I love you!

 My companion took this while I was waiting for someone to come out of their house haha.  He said that I smile ALL THE TIME even when people reject me it's funny haha.
 P-Day Again!