Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week #97

September 20, 2014 

Haha this week was really good! I am not going to lie I am sooooo happy to go home and be with you and never leave like this again, but at the same time every time I think about not being Elder Burleson anymore I start to cry! I have loved being a missionary sooooooooo much.  It is sooooo hard to explain how I feel! Haha

Sunday: Church and then we had to go pick a sick Elder and his comp from the hospital and take them to their house and make them lunch. Then my comp stayed in the house with the sick one and I took the comp of the sick one out to work! It was a good time and we worked hard!  But we didn’t get to visit and investigators, only less actives, which is still pretty cool! 

Monday: We had our verifications in the morning and then we finished them at 4 and started working on everything for the zone conferences and the leaders meeting! We did that until 12:30 in the morning!

Tuesday: got up early and drove to the coast!!!!! I freaking love going there!!! It’s warm and the people are really cool and the missionaries are great! We got there around 1 pm and started training and went till about 6 pm and then I went to work with the zone leaders and my comp went and stayed with the mission Pte. in the hotel! 

Wednesday: Trained again in the coast until about 6 pm and then I went with the Pte. And my comp went with some other missionaries to stay the night! Me and the Pte. Went and taught a lesion to a lady who had just had a child die right after it was born and she was sooooo sad! She was like crazy! You could see the saddest look in her eyes and we taught her the plan of salvation, which helped and she looked less sad after but it is still sad for me to think about that! Then we went to the hotel and he bought me dinner and the place was right on the beach and it was soooooo good!!!! and then when we finished eating we just sat there and read the BOM until like 9:30 pm and then went upstairs and went to bed! 

Thursday: got up early like always and went to take a shower and the Pte. Told me to put on my running clothes and some flip-flops and so I did and yeah we went down to the beach and kicked off our shoes and went on a beach jog. hahaha for any other missionary that would have been really against the rules but with the Pte. We can do anything! hahaha we ran a good mile or so and then got to this big cliff and found some cool sea shells!  Then walked back in the water up to our ankles! super cool! then we got back changed, picked up elder miranda and started our drive back to quito! before we got back we stopped off at this fishing place! It’s really not fishing because its sooo easy but it is still super fun! and yeah we had them cook it and then we eat right there!!! haha then we went home and had to get ready for the training the next day!

            Friday: well we started training the leaders in Quito at 8 in the morning and then finished the day training two more zones in Quito until 7:00 pm! hahaha alllll day! Then we got some pollo gus! Which is like this chicken place! Pretty good! haha then went home and slept!

            Saturday: Well that would be today! I got up and cleaned which was good and then we went to the office to send a few things and get ready for next week a little! Then I went home and slept for an hour and then we ate a burrito which was pretty dang good and then we came here to write!


This is what my rep is in the mission! haha Everybody knew me as some super tough acting guy who doesn't tolerate things! They called me the "machetier" because when I started out as assistant I was not very good at telling people in a nice way that they needed to be more obedient, but now I have gotten way better and I am a lot better at making people feel good at the same time as teaching them or correcting them! I have learned sooo much!  

 Food on the Coast.... This is called a corbiche... yes the mayonnaise is on top.... no it is not good for you..... yes it is my favorite coastal food!
This is us fishing in El Paraiso del Pescador.

 This is us with the President! He paid for everything staying there!

 The burrito my companion and I ate today!!!