Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, July 15, 2013

Week #37


I tried to put all my pictures but it wouldn’t let me!! It said that the card was full!!  But hey save all the stuff on you computer and then send me the card blank please!!!! oh and yeah I found my memory card-the one with 32 gigs!!! So I didn’t loose my pictures!!!! i have all of them!! I set a goal to take more pictures because i know how much you guys like them and I will want them after my mission!!!!!  Well, this week has been pretty good!!!! We have 2 people who are going to get baptized this week!!!! Two kids!! They are both really cool!!!! I bought this thing called a trompo!! Which are like these spinning tops!!! and they battle them here and lets just say i have being bringing my trompo with me everyday and challenging little kids in the streets!! but they always kick my butt!!!!! they are trompo masters!!!!!!!! then i met this couple today who are both pretty old!! and i fell in love with them!!!!! no joke!!!!!! the husband has 3 months to live beacuse his cancer is so bad!!! and she fell down the stairs three days ago!!!!! and broke her arm and then had o have 10 stiches in her chin!!!!! i cryed when he started talking about her! he is so in love with his wife all beat us!! and knowing that he is dying he  just thinks about her!!!! and she just thinks abbout hi!! and that yi how they pass they days!!!!!! just being in love!!!!!! hahahahah they are soooo cool!!!!! i have spent a lot of time this week getting to know all the members in my branch!!! but theere are so many who dont want to have anytig to do with the church1!!! they hate the mormons!! and then on the other hand the are some members who are amazing!!!!! our branch president is sooooo cool!!! preident Jellwel!!! and io dont know the new mission presdent yet but i will this week