Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week #24-28

May 6th
Everything here is good!! We had changes this week and that is why I couldn’t email Monday because they changed our p-day. I am still in retablo but I was called to be the district leader, which is nuts for some one who only has 6 months. I am senior companion to a kid who has one and a half years! The president of the mission told me that I am the motivator! He said that he is just going to give me the lazy elders because whenever my companions leave me they are always super motivated to work because I love working so much and I make it fun! That’s what he told me so I thought it was pretty cool! When I first met my companion he thought I was from a Spanish speaking country because I guess I have a strong accent in Spanish! so that was really cool to hear!! hahahaha my companion is cool! His name is elder Maldonado and he is from Honduras! He is a funny kid and I think we will work well together and I know that we will work hard!! We WILLLLLLL baptize this time I know it!!!
Love, Christian 

May 13th
Christian got to call home for Mother’s day so he didn’t have time to write an email, but he said that he felt like a new man after being able to call home (: he said that he felt like he had a reminder of who he is and his goals because he talked to people from home.  He is doing really well! He seemed very happy!
 Love, Christian

May 20th 
Well this week was pretty good! We got some cool new people but we also lost one! I had two people who were going to get baptized on the 25 of this month but when I went to visit the guy Hugo Saturday night he was freaking drunk so I was kind of bummed about that. I felt like I must not have taught him very well but it was not that bad because I was just gong to reteach it and wait another week or two but then when we went there in the morning he had gotten kicked out of the house and had moved over night!! He doesn’t even live here anymore! hahahahahhahaha so that fell through completely! It was all good because at least Gisel is going to get baptized and she brought her husband to church for his fist time in like 30 years!!! hahaha it was freaking sweet!! And then we found this family the same day that I would no joke die to baptize!!! They are a couple and have two kids!! The wife works as a police officer and her husband has Asperger’s! Or something like that but is sooooooo smart!! I am sooo in love with this family!!!!!! His name is Fidel and is a freaking crack up!! I felt like I was part of their family when I left their house!!!!  They are amazing and would be hard-core converts!!!! Hahahahaha and then we are teaching another family that is also cool and only need to get married!!!! Dang I’m so pumped about the gospel!!! I am still a pro at Spanish!!!

This is Elder Maldonado (: