Two Years, 3 Missions

Two Years, 3 Missions

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #18!

March 25, 2013


well i am still alive so everything is good!!  other than the fact that i have forgotten a little english!!  hahahaha oh yeah and this week something kind of cool happened!! i got flees!! hahaha i cant help petting peoples dogs emily!! hahaha but yeah my bed is like full!! but i dont have any money!!! hahahaha so i have to wait another week to wash all my stuff!! hahahahaha it is not that bad other then like these little bites they give you!! hahahah you cant see them or feel them you just have little bug bits everywhere!! hahahahaha um finally we are gong to baptize a gal named gisel!! its so freaking cool to see how much she has changed!!! she stopped drinkng and smoking and comes to church every week and is totally ready!! familia labajos are ready too, it's just that they need to see that they are ready and kind of drop there traditions!! and then other then them we have family perez, Vilca, saanchez, lazanos!!!! it is sooo cool to watch people learn!!!! i am tring to send pictures so we will see what happens!! i can only sent one at a time!! so we have changes today and for sure me or my comp will have to leave, because i am finished with my training and we are not allowed to be together anymore!! so i will know in about a hour and you wont know for another week. so yeah that was pretty much my week!!!! i didn't see anyone get robbed this time, but i guess it happened again right in front of our house!! hahahaha 

Love, Christian